Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another busy weekend...

On Saturday, Gus and I flew to Melbourne for a weekend with our friends, Kelvin & Lyn. I made some Melting Moments to take as a gift. We stayed in their lovely home and enjoyed their company (not to mention lots of Kelvin's wine collection and their home cooked curry and pasta sauce).
This is how I gift wrapped the biscuits with a few nice chocolates. A $3 box from the cheap shop, some tissue and cellophane and ribbon recycled from Mothers Day.
We went to the football at the MCG and watched Carlton flog Collingwood. Yay!! Lyn was devastated, being a true black and white magpies fan. Her excuse...1o players out with injuries. She kept saying that all afternoon. Ha ha.
Another busy weekend coming up for me - Friday I am off to the races at Mt. Gambier then Saturday I am off to Ballarat for a reunion weekend for my Mum and her brother.
I have to make more biscuits for afternoon tea so I wil do Melting Moments and some Anzacs.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. You have been busy! I love Melting Moments but it looks like our English ones are different from your Aussie ones. Having said that, you can send me a lovely box of yours any time you like!
    love, angie, xx

  2. Those Melting Moments look too beautiful, like they came from a bakery! Is there any chance you might ever share the recipe?

    I'll bet the people who got them were delighted...if not, just send them to those of us who would be thrilled!!

    Noticed your wonderful new Header picture and I'm already so hungry!



  3. Geez you get around Joolz!

    The Collies have the wobbles again, but then so does my team the 'Crows'.....

    Have a fun weekend in Ballarat with your mum and family.


  4. My, you have been busy! That gift package looks absolutely lovey!

    Too bad that we're not going to be "home" on Saturday, as it would have been great to have the chance meet up with you!
    We're heading to Yarraville, and then head over to Costco to get my membership!

  5. No fair Joolz, seeing your post has made me hungry, I don't often make biscuits nowadays but just maybe I will this weekend. Have a nice weekend in Ballarat.
    take care

  6. I am seriously drooling over your pick. Hmmmm... makes me hungry!!!!

  7. Hmmmmm...Yummmmmm.
    The chocolate the bickies and the mention of curry all in one post!
    What are you doing to me girl????
    Ballarat eh?
    Now you getting close to my territory.

  8. wow your box of biccies looks great and the pic in your header fab......


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