Thursday, March 12, 2009

Refreshing rain...

Hello, I hope you've been having a nice day. We had some lovely rain last night. A bit of thunder and lightening too. Everthing was nice and clean and fresh this morning. It has been very humid today but it is getting better as the day goes on.
This sweet dolly was made by my sister, Sue. Isn't she cute?

This is a Mammy doll kitchen angel that my sister Leanne made for me. I used to have a blue and white kitchen at my other house.

These are a few of my treasures that sit on my mantlepiece in the 'good room'. Some ruby glass and a Fentonware vase. The dolly was made by a local girl, I picked her up at a market. The pewter frame has a small sampler of stitching worked on fine linen that I did a few years ago. the little paper weight is Murano glass from Venice, Italy.
Thinking of what to have for dinner tonight - we have netball training at 5pm so something quick and easy would be nice. Hmmm! Maybe some pork or lamb shasliks? Maybe?
I've been surfing some new blogs which is always interesting. If I like them I add them to my favourites list.
- Joolz


  1. Rain, you were lucky, I saw those clouds last night and the forecast said: thunderstorm and some rain, but we didn't get any at all. Maybe tonight.
    take care

  2. Half a world away, we have received some MUCH needed too...over an inch! It was so lovely to be awakened by flashes of light and rumbles of thunder. We have been under drought conditions for so long now. People are comparing it to the big drought of the 1950s.

    So glad to hear you got some as well.



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