Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is 12 months today since I gave up smoking. I have not faltered once. I had my last cigarette (Alpine Ultra Lights) at 10.50am on Monday 25th March, 2008. I then went and got hypnotised in a group session with about 25 other people. I threw my cigarettes and lighter in the bin as I went in, lay down on the floor and listened to the hypnotist. One hour later I walked out and have not had a cigarette since. It maybe mind over matter, but it worked for me. It might work for you too, but you must really want to give up.
I loved to smoke, but I really wanted to give it up too. I love the smell of ciggy smoke on the air. It was ruling my life - everywhere I went, I was checking if I could smoke there and if not, where could I?
I found the habit harder to give up than the nicotine. I can tell you exactly at what time of the day I had each smoke. An hour after I arrived at work, one when I got home for lunch, another after I had lunch, another before I went back to work, another at 3pm, another when I picked B15 up from the bus, then several more until I went to bed. I suppose I was smoking about 18-20 a day.
The nicotine withdrawal didn't seem to worry me as much as breaking the habit of going outside to have a smoke. Each night while making dinner, for example, I would get something going on the stove then turn it down so I could go have a smoke, then come back in and finish cooking the dish. When it was finished, I'd go outside for another. I would wander around my back garden, inspecting the plants, puffing away. When I gave up, my garden suffered because I didn't go outside to the garden. It became very neglected!
Probably, one of the best things when I was giving up was the fact that none of my friends smoked so I didn't have to worry about being tempted. You immediately think people look really stupid, puffing and blowing smoke into the air like a chimney! Everytime I walked past the smoke counter in Woollies, I would say to myself - "I don't need smokes, I am a non smoker! " and "Look at that lady, wasting her money."
Anyhoo, I am really proud of myself today. If you really want to give it up, I would recommend hypnotism - it worked for me!
Sincerely, Joolz


  1. Congratulations on your giving up smoking Joolz. As a non-smoker, I don't really understand how hard it is to give up, but as you say "you must really want to give up" I guess you could have changed the habit of going outside for a smoke, to going outside with a cup of tea or glass of water, but probably wouldn't have been the same.
    Anyway well done, and think of the money you have and are saving.
    take care
    P.S. I'm feeling a lot better now

  2. Well done Joolz, I bet you feel so much better now.

    On 16th January 1993 I gave up smoking, cold turkey with a full packet of smokes still left.

    My little girls came home from school one day and said they didn't want me to die and could I please stop smoking. So thankyou to the Crossways Lutheran school, Ceduna, I am forever grateful to them for teaching my children about smoking. None of my children smoke which is a blessing.

    I was a single mum and the smokes I gave up (Winfield red) had just gone up to a whopping $3.50 a packet. Mind you I had to give up coffee as well so I didn't relate the two.

    To this day I occasionally crave for a smoke especially when stressed.

    You should be extremely proud as it is not an easy thing to do at all!


  3. You really conquered a hard habit. My sweet mother gave up smoking cold turkey and was pretty miserable for awhile. Michael was a heavy smoker, but gave it up before we married (almost 4 yrs.) because he knew I was allergic. He did use some aid to help him quit. Some people have substituted lollipops...anyway, congratulations!!

  4. I haven't smoked since I was six and my sister thought it was funny to have me smoke to entertain her teenage friends...actually I should thank her, since that made me never ever want to smoke though I came from a household with more than one smoker. My best friend could never break her habit, even when she was undergoing treatments for terminal cancer. It is a hard one to kick, so I am happy for your success.

  5. Congratulations and Good for you !
    You give me hope... ;-)

    I'm still not at the point where I completely "want" to quit, but it's mainly because of the routine like you described. What would I do with my first cuppa of the day at 5 am? At 8 before the children arrive? After dinner?
    Ahhh... I know it's going to be hard to find substitutes during "my time", but my doctor has recommended a local hypnotist who has a pretty impressive success rate, so I WILL give it a go!

  6. Hello Joolz
    Congratulations on passing your first year milestone:))

    I only ever had one puff on a cigarette, I was about 15 and coughed and spluttered that much I 'chucked' the boyfriend who gave it to me. Thought he was trying to kill me and I was sure there was an easier way to die lol

    My aunt is 85 and hypnotism 30 years ago worked for her - BUT - she still looks round the room to see where that tell tale smell is coming from and will even move across the room to stand near it. I guess the unrecognised desire is always there
    Take care

  7. Well done Jules! I have never smoked (thank goodness, my asthmatic lungs couldn't handle it I'm sure!), but have watched friends give up multiple times, so I know it's hard! Impressive job! (Think how great your lungs are after 12 months)

  8. Congratulations on your one year ;) I am also a smoker that has been quit for almost 12 years now ;) I do understand breaking the habits thing.. I quit cold turkey. The hardest part was when I was driving down the highway and also chatting on the phone. I find even now after quiting this long.. there are days that I would kill for a smoke. Why after that long I don't know ...but I find something else to do and that urge goes away. I am like you it just takes a movie with someone smoking or the smell makes me want one once in a while. I don't feel that way when I smell a stale ciggy smell. But a fresh burning one.
    But I say good for you and a job well done!!!!! It really does get easier as time goes on ... to not want one :)

  9. That is wonderful!!! I wonder if it works for chocolate and sweets. That is great that you were able to do that and so much healtheir for you and everyone around you!!!YEAH!!!

  10. Congratulations Joolz. Good for you. I have heard it doesn't work for everyone. My children would dearly love for their Dad and Step-Mum to quit too. Lets hope they don't ever take it up....


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