Tuesday, February 24, 2009

City girl settles in.....

Kirby now has a city address. We headed to Adelaide yesterday and set up her room in the townhouse she will share with 3 others. I am really pleased with the furniture we bought - it all fitted in really well.
The bed takes up nearly the entire room but it is her bed from home so she will be comfy. She had picked out a new 'cuppacino' coloured doona cover but when we opened it - it was a sheet set! Aaagh! So at the moment she doesn't have a cover.

She has everything she needs - TV, DVD, wireless internet!
She had her first day of O week sessions today. I dropped her off outside the Uni, a quick kiss on the cheek and 'love you babe, have a good day' and she was off. Then I headed off to pick a car up across town before heading back home (400kms) by myself. But I did not shed a tear. I have confidence in her that she will do just fine. She tackled the buses this afternoon - said she looked like a country bumpkin standing at the bus stop with timetable in hand, secretly hoping she was hopping on the right bus to Melbourne St and not Glenelg (total opposite direction). She got it right! She also cooked dinner for herself tonight! You go girl! I hope she did the dishes...?
We'll see her in month when we go to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500 so until then we will text, MSN and Facebook. Ah, don't you love technology?
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Been there and done that with two of my girls when they went to uni.

    Your daughter will soon learn the city slicker way of life like mine did.

    I wish her luck, she is braver than me.


  2. She'll be fine well done mum and dad you bought up a resourceful, independant, confident soul and now you can watch the fruit of your labours fly.


  3. I'm sorry about the sheets, disappointing. I'm trying to picture the drive, 400km. I imagine like me you need to have some CDs you enjoy for driving. I think my son may be a similar distance, I may have said that before. Any nice places to stop on the way home?

    The room looks good, my son didn't have the room they appointed him, and had to move everything a couple of days later by himself, which from memory was a bit hard on the arms.

    Sounds like you had a busy day.

    In UC if you don't do dishes they get confiscated by the cleaner with one opportunity to get them back. I know we have had some upset calls, but in the end I think only a frypan disappeared, maybe some cutlery.


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