Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tiny Treasures Tuesday....

I have been lucky to travel to a few places in the world and I love to collect small treasures to remind me of each country. Above are a set of Matryoshka or Babushka Dolls. Although not from Russia, I bought these cuties in Bath, England in 2000.
This happy little chappy comes from Hong Kong (2006) along with the other jade piece which symbolises eternal life, there is no start or end.

These are Chinese good luck charms from Hong Kong. They are meant to keep our house safe from evil spirits.

Onto Japan and here we have Hello Kitty and a cute little Geisha girl from Tokyo, 2006.

Ah, Venice, Italy (2006). This is a piece of Venetian hand made lace, depicting a Gondalier. The paper weight is made from Murano glass. Sweet.
Vive la France! Tiny pieces of Limoges from country France (2000)

To the Middle East - Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. These are sterling silver trinket boxes with ornate designs (2000).

Mystic India! (2006). Once again, small trinket boxes with enamel designs and also the small glass figurine of the Elephant God, Ganesh. The Taj Mahal was fantastic to see in the flesh.

A tiny Carnivale mask and a cheese knife made of Murano glass from Venice.
I love the fact that all of these things fit into my china cabinet. They are just small reminders of the wonderful places I have been to.
Do you have any special treasures?
Cheers - Joolz


  1. You've been to a ton of places. I was born in Germany, but left when I was 2 months old (my dad was military). Now I have only been to Canada and around the US. My hubby gets to go lots of places though. Someday I guess. Love all the little knick knacks!!!

  2. love the babushka dolls the best.......


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