Friday, December 12, 2008

Nail art...

I am not a person who wears red so my nail technician was horrified when I said I didn't want Chrismas colours (red/green/gold) on my nails. I settled for 'Funky Fushcia' and this smiley little chap and a snow flake. Feels like Christmas!

- Joolz :P


  1. I love the nails!!!! I don't like having color on my nails, just on my toes, funny huh? That food looks yummy!!!!

  2. Beautiful nails Joolz.

    I have an award for you to collect over at my blog.


  3. How stinkin cute is he!!!
    I want snowmen on my non existant nails too!!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog,Iwill pop back to read soem of your older posts soon

  4. Nail art is an imaginative and artistic process, involving special care and expertise for bringing out the best effects. Different techniques and methods are employed by the nail artists to attain perfection in this art. These techniques may vary from hand painted designs and patterns to various artwork created with the help of specific nail coloring and designing tools such as air gun brushes and nail pencils.

  5. hey! I love your posts because I'm so bad with my nails and I'm trying to get better!


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