Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A busy Christmas Eve and Day....

I spent the night before Christmas Eve baking some cookies. These were wrapped and given to our friends. Gingerbread men, butter cookies and candy cane choc biscuits.

I got up at 4.30am on Christmas morning to lay the presents under the tree. I had them all hidden in a suit case which was locked with a combination lock so the girls couldn't get to the gifts!
This was the selection of salads and meats for Christmas day lunch. It was all very yummy.
This is my Mum serving the Christmas pudding that she makes each year. Her eldest grand-daughter Kirste is helping with the custard and cream. It was a good pud!
Here we are - my beautiful family!
My 4 sisters and my Mum.
(L to R) - Sue, Julie, Leanne, Janine & Marilyn,
& Dorothy
This picture shows all 5 girls on Christmas Day, 1964 when I was about 5 months old.
(L - R) - Sue, Marilyn, Janine, Leanne and me as baby. I still have the Noddy rubber doll that I am holding. I think Leanne still has that chimp toy too.
All sisters had to hand make something featuring 'fabric' - Leanne made this calendar holder featuring the above photo. I just love it!
Sue made this cute hand bag - I love the frayed ruffled trim. She is so clever.
Marilyn made pincushions and added some pearl headed pins, 3 tea-towels and a nice pair of knickers.....yep, all made of fabric!
In this photo, you can see the pot plant. Janine glued strips of material to the pot and then lacquered the pot with varnish. It is very effective and still made of fabric. Clever!
After lunch, Jason set up the "Slip n Slide" and the kids all had a ball, sliding around in the water. It was quite a warm day, about 28degsC.
....and finally, this funny old guy arrived with a sack full of lollies for the kids. There was great excitement when he came around the corner, ringing his bell and ho-ho-ho-hoing!
He made a grand departure on a mini 4-wheeler quad bike which had us all in fits of laughter!
Let's just say we had SNOW at our Christmas lunch!! *private joke*.
As you can see, we had a lovely time at my nieces. At about 2.45pm we packed up hopped in the car to drive all the way to Melbourne to be with "A's" family. Back soon with pics of the Boxing Day cricket.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Looks like you guys had a good day. I love all the gifts, what fun to be so creative. I think I am going to suggest it for us to do this year. Nice that you could be with your family. I can't imagine slip sliding on christmas, it's weird for me to live in CA and have no snow. Have a good new years.

  2. What lovely gifts, such talented people in your family.

    Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas day.


  3. That is a good size pud your mum made:D


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