Sunday, November 9, 2008

A day of sewing....

Can you tell that we have a Year 12 student living at our house. This is my 'good room' table, littered with K17's study gear. This has been here for several days now, hence the untidyness. She is quite organised, usually! She has her final exams on Wednesday and Thursday this week - Georgraphy and Chemistry. Then the pressure is off a bit until results come in and Uni offers are received. Roll on December! Gee, did I just say that?? :0)
I am still having a bit of bother up-loading photos. Thank you to Pip for a bit of tuition. Yes, it worked for the photos above but I think my Internet connection must be dodgy at the moment because when I tried to do a second photo, it wouldn't even bring up the Add Image screen so I could select a pic. I will persevere, none the less!

Being Sunday morning, I was up at 7.30am (a sleep in for me), I have had a cup of coffee and a 1/2 hour read of my new book, 'You Sexy Mother' . This inspired me to get up and attend to some laundry that needed folding and then some ironing (school uniforms for B15 and shirts for A) while still surfing some blogs. It is now 9.04am and I have a load of towels in the machine, the laundry room is clear and it's time for toast.

Saturday was spent at my sewing machine again today and have produced a two part present for K17's teacher. She has had Ms M for home group, maths and pastoral care and they get along well. I also produced this pin-cushion - not bad for a first effort. I can laugh now, but I really should follow patterns better. I cut the material out then didn't leave enough for seam allowance so it was a bit smaller than it should be and I could have followed instructions better. Ooops!! Overall, it looks like the picture in the tutorial. Success!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Cheers - Joolz

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