Monday, October 6, 2008

A Quick Road Trip...

K17 and I zipped to Adelaide yesterday so she could attend a Tuition School tutorial this morning. Hopefully it will help her with her Yr 12 exams coming up. She did 3 tutes (Chem & Geog) last week but missed the first Geography one because our plane was delayed last Monday. So a quick road trip (400kms each way) was in order. I need the practice of driving to Adelaide as K17 is 'hopefully' heading to Uni next year. I have always relied on 'A' when we drive to Adelaide and I don't know my way around very well. So this was about the 4th time I've driven around Adelaide by myself. Phew - a few white knuckles but otherwise not too bad! :)

When she is in Adelaide next year, I can zip down with B14 anytime the need arises for girl time ( designated mum breaks during the term... maybe she'll need some home made lasagne, choc chip cookies, melting moments, spag bol...) nah, I think she'll be just fine. For a country girl, I think she'll fit in fine.

We recently went to the open days for the Uni's and residential colleges. 'A' and I looked at each other and said...'"wouldn't this have been fun!" Neither of us went past Yr 11, but I left school at 16 years old to go to a job I was asked to apply for at a Stock Agent. 'A' has worked since he was 16 years old also. He started work as a 'floor sweeper/junior salesman' at a local car dealership in 1980 and in 1989, bought that dealership from his boss who he classifies as his best teacher and a great family friend. Nineteen years later, we are still at it, making a good living, supporting 10 staff and going down life's highway. I wonder how different it would have been if we both had chosen Tertiary eduction way back then?

It will be different with K17 away, but B14 will keep us entertained. Oh, she is the consumate entertainer! B14 has the knack of being able to recite lines from any movie she has ever seen, verbatum, with accents! A joy to have around! She will start Yr 10 next year which is an exciting time in high school. The curriculum pathways she chooses will ultimately be her destiny towards her career.

Wow, things are really gonna change around here next year. I'd love to hear from other 'Aussie relinquishing mums' who are sending their kids off to Uni for the first time. Especially country mums.

'A' has a lamb roast and vegies in the Weber, I'm chillin' and lifes good!

Cheers - Julie

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  1. I dashed off reading your post. I assume in the meantime I have been reading the Access Education site and thankfully I am still in time to register I think.

    It is a long way for us to attend as well. Lucky it is pay week.

    I will have to read the rest later as it sounds similar to what we have to do to visit our son who is in uni. too.

    We went to an open day for our second only a month or so ago. We were sick, but managed to cope for the day!


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