Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary.....

I've been battling a cold/ flu since last week. I should've taken time off work and stayed home in the warmth for a few days but mums tend not to do that. I battled on and still hadn't shaken it by Friday. We had planned an anniversary weekend away to Melbourne and we had tickets to see Wicked so it was just too hard and expensive to cancel. It was a lousy weekend, I spent most of it in bed (by myself), doped up on flu medicine and I can only remember the first half of the musical. We managed to salvage the return airfares (I got a sick certificate from a chemist who stated I was too unwell to travel by air) so we can use them at a later date. We didn't get to a restaurant unless you count McDonalds! We certainly didn't blow the budget. Ah, well these things happen.

One more week of school then K17 is finished Yr 12. She has 2 exams next term in W5. When K17 gives my camera back (she is taking photos of classmates today for a liturgy slideshow), I will put up some photos I took last week. In my flu induced stupor, I still managed to make Melting Moment biscuits for her friend, Yas, 18th birthday. They did turn out lovely. I feel honoured that a young person requests my bikkies for her present! :)

I only went into work yesterday at 1pm and I'm doing the same today. It just gives me a bit of relax time while I'm not feeling so hot. I tend to do all my work in whatever alotted time I have so I will get it all done this arvo, even tho I am only at work for 3 hours.

...Not sure what is happening with Blogger.com today. I keep getting a message while I'm typing this to say that it may not save the draft so I might sign off now and see if it will post it. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to put up the photos so you can see a bit of my corner of the world.

Until next tim e- Cheers Julie

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  1. Oh how sad!!! What a way to spend your anniversary. I am so sorry...and so sad about Wicked... the end is the best part.

    I am sending you all sorts of get well wishes and hugs.


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