Sunday, September 14, 2008

A great weekend!!!

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday. I got us at 7.45am, made a coffee then watched The Devil wears Prada in the silence of the house. Part way through I was joined by K17.

Her netball team won their Grand Final yesterday, 57-42!! Whoo hoo!! It was a great game and all players did a cracker job. It was a beautiful warm sunny day for the finals at Mt. Burr FBC. We went out to Hatherleigh FBC to celebrate. The 13/under Netball girls also won, as did the Reserves and A grade Football. Four teams in the final and 4 wins - a very good result. There will be some sore heads this morning!! Lol! We taxi'd home at 10.30 and I feel very pleased with that decision this morning. It would have been easy to settle in, like someone else I know (A?).

So we finished watching Devil then B14 arose. I think she has the start of the flu. Hot eyes, cold then hot and generally miserable. But she enjoyed my choc chip pancakes. A day on the couch, wrapped up and dosed with paracetamol is on the cards for her and maybe a day home tomorrow.

I've got to whiz thru the house on my vax, do several loads of washing because nothing got done yesterday then get ready for the week ahead. There are only 2 weeks of school left for this term. OMG, K17 is about to finish Yr 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She still has a couple of assignments to hand in then it is all over. Next term, she has 2 exams (Chemistry and Georgraphy) in week 4 or 5 but only has to attend school for tutorials on some days until then.

We have come through fairly unscathed and her results/scores/grades have been very pleasing. I hope she gets a T.E.R. (Tertiary Entrance Ranking) that she is happy with. I know how much effort she has put into her 5 years at TWC so I don't really care about the T.E.R. so much. Next year, she will be off to Uni to do either Journalism or Business Marketing. We'll have to wait and see.

So, I had better get off my toosh and go vax etc. Yawn!

Until next time,



  1. Journalism sounds much more exciting! She might get on the telly!!!! She could do a 'Through Uni' blog about it.

    I do love reading about your life (I'm a nosey beggar, me). Don't stop.

    Angie, xx

  2. Dear Julie,
    How nice to meet you. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. It is so much fun to meet new friends from around the world. I agree with you that even though we have differences we have many more ways that we are alike.

    I see that Angie is your blog friend.Do you know Marie in England as well. I met Angie through Marie.

    Good look to your daughter who is graduating soon.

    Please come often to visit.
    Have a good day, Lura


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