Sunday, March 1, 2015

Madame Hanoi ...

Madame Hanoi is a new restaurant in the Adelaide Casino building, featuring French Vietnamese cuisine, craft beers and a local wine selection. What is not to love!

Kirby worked on their advertising account so she was keen to take us to this exciting new eatery. She and Bri met us there at 6.30pm.

We left the Clipsal track at about 6pm and walked up to East Terrace looking for a taxi. We saw this young man and some others on these pedi-cabs. After negotiating a generous fare, we jumped aboard and were soon flying through the streets ... and can I say, red lights ... of Adelaide city! I may have feared for my life a few times but to be ripping along with a breeze in my very short hair after such a hot day, it was pure fun!

This dude had been in Adelaide only 4 days and already had this job. He was from Germany and spoke very good English. After the Clipsal he was heading out to Thailand then back to Darwin to do another stint of pedi-cabbing up there. He said he liked the climate and lifestyle of Darwin. What a carefree life!

This is the downstairs eating gallery - isn't the mural stunning?
(Forgot to take a pic of the scallops so this photo is from an Urban Spoon review of MH)
We had been grazing all day at the track so we shared all the dishes...
First up were grilled Hervey Bay scallops, chilli, lime, soy... Yum!

Next, soft-shell crab sliders in a squid ink brioche bun, coriander, chilli lime mayonnaise - Lordy, so good!

Crispy pork belly ... Wonderfully tender.

...with Vietnamese herbs, hoisen sauce, noodles and lettuce cups.

Crispy chicken wings, fish sauce, red chilli and mint - seriously spicy but cooked to perfection!


Beautiful, casual dining in the heart of Adelaide. Book ahead or be prepared to wait for a table. We sat at the bar and had a drink then they called our mobile to say our table was ready. All staff seemed friendly, especially our waiter, Holly. It was very busy be ause of the Clipsal and Fringe crowd but the food came out fairly well on time.

This is my review and it is my humble opinion only and I received nothing from Madame Hanoi.

Cheers - Joolz xx


Off to the Clipsal 500 ...

But first I need to get this dress business out of the way! I see a white and gold dress, in every picture on the internet. How about you?


Basically, I am of the same opinion of Grumpy Cat!


Now onto the yummy bits! By the time we were ready for dinner on Friday night, it was about 8.30pm. There is a very good pizza place called,strangely enough, The Italian Place and its about 300metres from where we are! They do pizzas, pasta, pastries, fresh baked daily breads, sell all manner of cheeses, salami and smallgoods. You can buy their pizza and pasta and sauces cold ready for reheating. They do meat and salad rolls in lovely italian bread rolls, foccacias, panini...the list goes on!

So we went toddled down there in the warm night air and ordered an Italian Job pizza and some wine $6/glass. Wonderful!

Saturday it was off to the track for a days racing of the V8 Supercars. It was hot and muggy and I felt uncomfortable. I hate that heat! The corporate box we were in was airconditioned but with so many people in there, it struggled to keep cool.

Before the main afternoon race, I tottered off to the 'Ladies' and realised that it had cooled off quite a lot. So we found a table outside and it was much more pleasant with a breeze blowing every now and then. I was still hot, though!

Food was laid on all day with pastries, sandwiches, hot hors d'oevres and the like coming around all the time. Towards the end of the day, they served mini Magnum icecreams - brilliant!

Mini cheeseburger slider, anyone?


The highlight for me was the Super Trucks race. I just laughed as we watched these muscle trucks, slipping and sliding around the corners on their oversized tyres and then...


(This picture from the web, not at Clipsal)

...they jump them over several of these ramps, sailing into the air, landing 100metres down the track, fishtailing to keep them in control. Funny to watch.

(This picture from the web, not at Clipsal)
This gives you an idea of the height they sail through the air, quite spectacular. Then they go around the corners on two wheels!

Thank you to our Castrol rep for inviting us to this fun day. The main race is today but we are headed for home!

We had a lovely dinner in the city with our girls Last night which I'll post about later.

Cheers - Joolz xx

















Friday, February 27, 2015

A long time between posts!

Last weekend, it was off to Melbourne for a company dinner. I had my hair cut and coloured at a salon in Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. Quite a good experience!

When you are used to your country town hairdresser it can be a bit daunting but the girl who did my hair was lovely.

As I was leaving I asked where I might get a pedicure and shellac toe nails done. Right over the road, as it turned out, at Pearls Nails. Half an hour of pampering!

A quick trot down the street and I came upon taco joint called Mad Mex. Seriously good crunchy chicken tacos with black beans and guacamole. Lunch done!

Gus had a meeting in the morning then he went off to do his helicopter flight that I gave him for his 50th (18 months ago!). This was his third attempt at having a steer of a helicopter.

No dice! It was too smoggy and because the horizon wasn't clear, he wasn't allowed to fly. Can you believe it!? It looked like a beautiful day for flying! Anyway, he did the tuition, now he just needs to reschedule. Bah!

We went to a lovely awards dinner that evening, at Aerial at South Wharf...









On Saturday, after doing some business, we headed for Daylesford. I was keen to see the area so we can go back for a longer weekend stay.

We stayed at the Mills Spa Suites which was quite quirky and arsty but very comfortable. I love a self contained unit where you can eat in if you want and make your own brekky. We got take-away from the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant which was a 3 minute walk away. Nice and simple - Mango chicken , saffron rice, raita and naan bread. $37 for two of us. Then we settled in to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - how apt!

Sunday morning we visited the local markets but we didn't buy anything. I would have loved to buy some fresh produce but we cannot take fruit and vegetables over the border from Victoria into South Australia. There were strawberries, blackberries and freashly dug potatoes. Yum!

We toured around looking at the different spa places so next time we come over we'll have a spa day planned.

Lunch was at Captains Creek Organic Wines. A lovely lunch - mine looks a bit weird but it was delicious! It was slices of meat loaf over cold, lovely roasted root vegetables, a red wine reduction and baby spinach leaves.

We bought a bottle of cider for our girls to try...

Once home on Sunday night, we had these (favourite) tacos for dinner. I love the salsa!

I managed to find a Kikki.K store on Clarendon Street too so I bought a little note pad and envelopes for my letter writing. Better get on to that!

Monday when I went shopping, Woolies had black plums for $5/kilo so I bought two kilos.

10 bottles of jam for about $13 ($3 for sugar) is pretty good. I now know of someone who has plums so next year they will be for free!

I also bought some washi tape on line so I pimped some jars of jam to give to my 4 sisters.

Bit speccy, eh?

Tuesday night we had a zucchini slice (my own throw together recipe), a few lamb chops and a green salad.

My back garden has done well with a bit of watering (amazing!)...



these were taken late afternoon...

My juice this morning...

And finally I made Choc Chip Cookie Bars for Brianna this morning - we are off to the Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars this weekend! Life is not dull around these parts! Good to catch up with the girls again, though!

Cheers - Joolz xx



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