Monday, November 13, 2017

On the go all weekend...

Saturday - I was down to one jar of home pickled beetroot in my pantry so I bought some fresh beets from my local Foodland.

I got them boiling in a big pot of water...

I used apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, a bit of salt, pepper, mustard and celery seeds for the pickling liquid.  I just keep tasting until I like the flavour, adjusting the sugar..  Beware, tasting hot vinegar can take your breath away!  Ten lovely jars to pop away in the dark to cure for a few weeks. Yum!

Next up - I decided to make some toasted muesli - you can check out the last time I made 
Homemade Muesli here...

Again, yum!



Sunday - up early to get my dried apricot jam on.  I halve this recipe.

I soaked 500gms of (South Australian) dried apricots in 2.25 litres water, overnight.

Simmer for about 1 hour...then add in 1.5 kg sugar and juice of a lemon...boil rapidly until the jam has thickened and passes the cold saucer test.

I sterilized my jars and lids with boiling water then bottled up the jam. It’s a messy business!

I ended up with these 6 big jars plus 2 smaller ones that have a bit less fruit in them. 

We invited Gus’s mum out for dinner.  He marinated a butterflied lamb leg with herbs and garlic...did a chilli chickpea salad, a garlic yoghurt sauce and a tossed salad!

It turned out a treat!  Plus those parmesan potatoes!

I made some french bread...

...and a naughty Cherry Pie!

I was really happy with the crust! It was delicious! I’ll share the recipe a bit later.

By the end of the day, I was knackered but very pleased with what I’d achieved over the weekend.   Did you have a busy weekend or did you take it easy?

I was back out walking this morning and clocked up 4.34kms so was very pleased with that.   It was hot once I got going and it’s expected to be 34C here today, so I was swearing when I got back.  Now, it’s off to work for me!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Hi Joolz you have made me hungry with all your beautiful food,I make up bottles of cooked beetroot when we have them in the garden and you can't beat homemade jam and bread,well done you did have a very busy weekend but you achieved a lot xx

  2. Well I thought I was busy until I read your post. Wow you did so much and amazing cooking once again.
    I love the chopping board too. Such a great idea.

  3. WOW, so much delicious home made food there, it's a lot of work, but so worth while, nothing beats home made.

  4. Yum! Now I'm hungry...apricot jam is a favourite of mine. I love apricot jam and cheese sandwiches:) Your going great with your walking, I had a chuckle though when I read you were "swearing" when you got back, thought you might have meant "sweating" but then thought perhaps there is no typo. Meg;)

    1. Haha! I did mean sweating 😅

      I remember someone eating cheese and apricot jam - I must give it a go!


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