Saturday, November 11, 2017

A new book, a curry and homemade yoghurt...

This lovely book arrived yesterday.  I am excited to try some of the yummy bread recipes in there!

I made a nice chicken curry for dinner, last night.  

I also did a tomato/cucumber chutney (raw) and a cucumber raita.  These team really well with it.

Stay home fakeaway! As good as any takeaway curry! 

I thought I’d give Outback Tania’s homemade Greek yoghurt.  I followed her tutorial ...

...that’s the yoghurt mixed up (I did use my Bamix to really mix well)...then into the EasiYo yoghurt maker...

...and voila! This morning I have a kilo of Greek Yoghurt!  I refrigerated for a few hours before tasting.  It’s quite firm but next time I might use just a smidge less water for a thicker outcome.  Delicious drizzled with lavender honey!  
This is the most successful I’ve been with the EasiYo - I have tried a few sachets but always have had runny yoghurt.  If you have a kit, have a go at this method.

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Hi Joolz your curry looks amazing ,good luck with making the sourdough bread thats one thing i want to have a go at making as soon as i am mobile again,hope you have a lovely day xx

  2. I have an Easiyo for my daughter’s Christmas Stocking and will definitely show Tania’s tutorial. Glad it worked so well for you.

  3. I've heard good things about this new book Joolz, so I'll reserve it from our library first, and then buy it if I feel I really need to have it. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Your curry and accompaniments look so delicious, I love curries and could live on them every day if it was just me. I've also been having great success using this method of yoghurt making, except I use fresh cows milk (obviously, with a cow in my back yard) ;) I froze small amounts of the store bought yoghurt so I have fresh starter on hand. A curry is not complete without yoghurt.


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