Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wedding Anniversary...

...our 31st to be exact!

Gus is away interstate but he still spoiled me rotten! 

I've discovered the benefits of a wheat bag, I've never really used one before...
I'm trying to take it easy with half days at work then resting in the afternoon. I've just heard from my cardiologist and  my procedure has been bumped from the 9th October to the 23rd.  At least that gives me more time to recuperate.

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Beautiful flowers, Joolz! I'm sure you are looking forward to when your hubby comes home and you can say happy anniversary in person too. Meg:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! The flowers are gorgeous. Sorry to read about your painful rib! Feel better soon, you.

    I fill cotton tube socks with rice and tie with cotton twine...then I store them in the freezer and use them for cool packs when needed. If I need a heat pack I throw them in the microwave. I'm guessing that would kind of be similar to your wheat bag? I also have a buckwheat hull pillow that I have slept on for years. I don't heat or cool it, just sleep on it. It molds to my neck.

  3. Happy Anniversary Joolz and Gus.
    Stunning flowers too.


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