Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Still battling...

Drinking lemon & ginger tea with honey...

Having a tipple of brandy...

Making buttery buttermilk biscuits (US Southern style) similar to scones...

Look at this cheeky kookaburra!  Isn't he gorgeous?

Rain on the bare branches of our silver birches...they're just starting to sprout out green again...

A warming meal of lamb shanks, mash and peas....

I've tried everything to unblock my left ear...foaming peroxide and two different types of ear drops...

Looks gross, eh?

I spent the weekend indoors, watching the second season of Poldark.  I got it finished!

Gus made a paella in his new pan that he got for Father's Day...

Yesterday, I had my ears candled.  I was surprised to see that my better ear had more wax come out of it (the one above left) and the blocked ear is on the right. 

I have two more to use, maybe later today or tomorrow...

I am also now taking Olive Leaf Extract and intend to consume this whole bottle until I am well again!  It isn't the best tasting stuff but it is made bearable by the berry flavour.

I had used up my last bottle of brandy and Gus bought me this one which is an aged one.  Now, don't get me wrong...I am not getting sloshed every night on brandy!  Over the past week, I have had 5 full shots in coke.  Mum always said it had medicinal properties!

Oh, it hasn't been good! I just can't shake this cold. I'm still congested, blocked up, coughing, wheezing, crackling...my ribs are so sore from coughing, I am miserable!
My left ear is totally blocked and this has really brought me down.  Today is day 12 since I first started coughing. I went to the doctors last Friday who confirmed my ear was blocked with wax (but offered no remedy) and that I had "what everyone else has"... go home to bed.  I spent all weekend indoors, taking it easy but coughing my lungs up! 
I'm a wine drinker, I love my wine...but have not had a glass since that Father's Day lunch.
My blocked ear is crackling a bit today so hopefully, things are starting to move....

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Joolz I find Seneca and Ammonia helps lessen my coughing. It tastes fowl but the relief provided makes it worth the nasty taste.

    1. I tried that for 3 days but eventually it 'went straight through me' so I discontinued. Vile stuff!

  2. have you stopped eating & drinking dairy? (cow) that will keep you blocked up.
    i have a history of bad ears & i think my ENT specialist would have a king size fit if i did that! i leave it all to him & quite thankful that he uses suction to clean out the ears.
    am not sure brandy does much but you should try & source out fresh lemon juice & ginger & make it up with garlic & chilli then rug up & sweat it out :))
    get well soon
    thanx for sharing

    1. Apart from maybe 2 cups of tea or coffee a day, with skim milk, I don't consume much dairy. I realise ears should be treated with the utmost respect but I was quite at my wits end! My ears have not been painful or inflamed so I felt quite okay doing the peroxide treatment.
      I think I just need some warm weather to shake this. We are off to the Flinders Ranges, up north, at the end of the month so hopefully some sun on my back and some brisk walks will have me right.

  3. Oh poor, poor you! You must be so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hate to have my ear's stopped up, so read the candling insert with interest, as I've never had mine done. Will keep it in mind for future. I do hope you are feeling better soon. Note to self...get flu shot this year. ;)

    1. Oh, I did get a flu shot back in June when we were flying out to the US but apparently Australia got it wrong and the strain we were vaxxed against isnt the strain that eventuated! Yay!

  4. Dear me, Joolz that doesn't sound good. The flu has been really bad here in Queensland and it is the worst in five years. The coughing after effect was a feature of the flu here a couple of years ago I remember. An old work colleague coughed for months before she got any relief. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. The doctor said its a virus going around. I haven't had the hot and colds and aching, just this terrible, unrelenting cough and blocked ear. Plus there is a lot of pollen in the air because we are in a pine forest area, always a problem at this time of year! I didn't think I'd say it but Bring On Summer!

  5. Despite your nasty cold you still take a great picture - I was going "oh yes" to nearly every one. I am now off to research ear candling....I thought it was just a gimmick, but obviously not!

    1. The ear candling was certainly an experience and I quite enjoyed it. I got the health shop lady to do that treatment but I bought a pair to do myself with the help of someone holding them. I'll do my ears again a few months down the track. My ears are nearly unblocked this morning so something has worked.


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