Thursday, September 14, 2017

Half price savings...

Super pleased with these savings on ordinary items we use...

Cobram EV Olive Oil 750ml $6.50 instead of $13.00 - bought 2
Husband's Nivea Deodorant $1.75 instead of $3.50 - bought 11
Cold Power capsules $6.00 instead of $12 - bought 2 and will get more today...

Do you keep a look out for 1/2 price items? 

This is my 'shop' as husband calls it! Very handy when you run out of deo or shampoo and conditioner, soap, hand or body wash.  All these items were bought at half price.  My moisturiser was $6.50 instead of $13.00+  and my night cream is usually $32.99 but I paid $16.50.
Feeling slightly better today. Still coughing but getting rid of what's on my chest so hopefully that's a break through! 
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. You got some great specials there! I did my grocery shopping this morning too and came home with a few good bargains for my stockpile cupboard. I got tinned pears (I use these in muffins) organic dark chocolate blocks & condensed milk (xmas baking) today so was happy with that. I've put those prices in my price book so I can keep track of the cheapest price I've paid, when and where. Meg:)

  2. You certainly do have a shop going there. Great idea. We have a stockpile with bulkier items and the occasional items I've purchased on sale,
    Glad you're feeling better.

  3. Glad you are starting to recover, Joolz. You have some good bargains there. I don't have much storage space in this old house unfortunately.

  4. Haha, I do it each week. Last week was half price Lurpak x 6. This week half price toothpaste & deodorant. My daughter calls me a dooms day prepper. Sandra


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