Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Getting my bake on of late...

Nothing better with a nice cuppa tea!

Another batch of Chadd's bread rolls - perfect every time! These were for the freezer.

Thumb print cherry drops

Lazy Lady slice

Banana bread

Golden syrup cookies

All bagged up ready for sale.

I made those thumb print cookies back on the 9th August, most were given away to family.  Then my sister-in-law was having a morning tea fundraiser where she made up plates and sold them to businesses around the town.  When I read her advert on Facebook, I mis-read it and thought she was having a street stall.  Yes, of course you'd do that when the weather is so cold, wet and miserable - not! 
Anyhoo, I had my goodies all bagged up and looking pretty so I decided to sell them to friends via Facebook - first in gets them!  My other sister-in-law took the majority and I quickly sold the other few bags to people around town.  The biscuits and slice were $4 per bag and the banana breads $8 each.  I made $82 for my SIL's community charity!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. You are such a good baker. My presentation skills are no where near that standard.
    We also have a fantastic Step Into Life here. Such a great way to train with others.

  2. There is just nothing prettier than the cherry shortbread! I need to make some soon.

  3. Wow, that is some seriously impressive baking! Makes me want to get into it too. I think I will make some of those cookies for afternoon tea, I only have choc chips for the top though, I am sure it will do.


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