Thursday, August 24, 2017

Beautiful Bermuda...

Back in the last week of June, we jetted off for Bermuda to be guest of Land Rover at the America's Cup race.  Husband was awarded the trip from Land Rover as part of our Customer First Retailer of the Year award...! We were only told about the award at the end of May and very nearly didn't go. Firstly, that time of year is the worst for us as June 30th is an extremely busy time for our business - we would never take time off at that time - and secondly, I landed in hospital on June 1 with a racing heart, diagnosed as SVT.  Not the best thing to happen when you are about to travel overseas! More on that later!

Anyhoo, we did go and we were so pleased we did. We had a fantastic time in Bermuda and had three days in Santa Monica, CA on the way home.  I have so many pics of beautiful Bermuda...

First up, we flew Melbourne to Los Angeles - Business Class! Then onto New York where we stayed overnight, briefly. We were only there for 8 hours before flying onto Bermuda. Whirlwind!

Leg room!

Our dinner in New York

Our only view of New York, this trip...

New York breakfast, bagel and philly and jam - yum!

We stayed at Cambridge Beaches resort...

View from our balcony

These Land Rover vehicles were at our disposal with drivers to take us places be continued...


  1. What a great prize to won! Glad you were able to go, and hope your medical condition has improved.

  2. Wow Joolz, what an amazing prize. You would have had a fabulous time. I have only read Part 1 so far :-)


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