Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weekend away...

We headed to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500 last Friday, getting up at 5am, driving 400 kms to be at the track by lunch time.
We were invited to a cororate box so that made the hot day pleasant because ... air conditioning folks!
I loved watching the Stadium Trucks going over the jumps, getting airborne!
The weather was hot but superb the whole weekend - Gus went for the 3 days and was a little tired by the end!
Saturday, with one daughter off to a wedding and the other off to work, I stayed home in the cool and entertained myself by watching Netflix - Making a Murderer. The series was quite fascinating and Steven Avery has recently been featured on Dr Phil.
The other thing I did (earlier that day) was buy myself this great foot massager.
Aaah! Heaven in a white, plastic box! You stick your tootsies in and it feels like their is a maseus in there, kneading your feet. There are 5 different massage and intensity settings. It's quite a hard massage but I love it! Using it later in the evening, I actually nearly nodded off!
I knocked up a meal of Macaroni Cheese Deluxe for my solo dinner.
On Sunday, with Bri on an early shift, Kirby and I had Mexican for lunch at. Very tasty empanadas and smoky chicken and pork belly tacos.
After lunch and a bit more shopping here, there and everywhere, I got stuck into some baking and dinner prep. I made Weekender biscuits for Bri and Nate to snack on (web pic - I totally forgot to take any pictures of anything)...
I made bread rolls for dinner (this is an old pic of mine)...
I did two chickens roasted in oven bags (again, a web pic)...these turned out beautifully moist but didn't brown up so I think I prefer the normal roasting style.
I also made individual sticky date puddings from a Donna Hay recipe ...
They were fabbo!
We had dinner with our girls and their boyfriends. Kirby and Nate have been going out for two years now and Brianna has a new boyfriend, Michael. Both are lovely men and we are very happy for our girls.
I was quite pooped after that big day! It's always so good to catch up with our girls.
In my heart, I still feel like they are this age...
...but in reality they are beautiful, grown up women! Love you, my babies!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. That photo of Angus and the girls is so precious!

    And the foot massager looks heavenly. Aaahhhh...

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend away....I too was in Adelaide for 3 days while hubby went to the Clipsal. Your doona covers look great. Cute photo of your gorgeous girls


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