Saturday, January 7, 2017

Southend ...

It got to about 35C here yesterday so after work, we hit the beach (20 minutes away)...

The kids went down earlier in the afternoon, in Ruby, then we arrived at 6pm.

We had a lovely barbecue dinner with salads I made at lunch time and sausages and lamb shasliks...

We packed up on dark and got home around 10pm. It was still really warm outside.

Today we have an expected top of 41C with extreme fire 🔥 weather warnings. 😖
Kirby and Nate are attending a garden wedding in town - I really feel sorry for the bride and groom. Gus wants to take Pearl down to a coastal beach spot and camp tonight but I'm not that keen. We'll see.

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. 41C for a wedding. That must have been dreadful. What App are you using now, Joolz? You put me on to Blogsy years ago but that doesn't exist any more so I will have to find another App before I go away again to visit my daughter as she doesn't have a PC.

  2. Beautiful Joolz. Those twilight pictures are enchanting.

  3. Sounds like great evening...... Bugger for the wedding.. Just another crap very hot weather here for another week.....


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