Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sally rallies...

So, Sally rallied and the dough rose well overnight.

I made a loaf and 12 rolls with the batch.

The rolls browned up okay but afew remained pale.

I was very pleased with the loaf.

I'm going to try a batch of soap soon. Not sure when, but I'm drying some little rose buds to decorate the bars of soap with.

My Soul Sister rose is producing some blooms but the bushes are a bit spindly. I think their next season will be better. Still in love with these flowers!

Rhonda shared a recipe for Salmon rissoles today so I gave them a go tonight...

I gently sautéed fresh corn, spring onions, capsicum and chives in a bit of butter...

They were very good. We just had a simple salad with them. Definitely printin this recipe off!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I am glad Sally behaved for you, Joolz. I used half spelt flour when I baked sourdough bread this week and it was a bit of a fail. I don't think I fed the starter well enough first though as I have used spelt flour before and it was okay. I don't like to use all white flour. Love the roses.

  2. Oh my starter is looking very low in bubbles! Gah! I cannot get it going. Rissoles look delicious! :)



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