Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blog Help!

For some strange reason, my right sidebar has disappeared and repositioned itself under my posts!  When I go to Layout, it all looks normal in the right side bar.  I also want to get rid of the 'wallpaper' that seems to have re-appeared after an absence of years!

Any ideas?  I'm stumped!

Edited to say: I made contact with Blogger through the Feedback tab and had a helpful man named Chuck help me out.  For some reason, he suggested I change my post Pudding Capers to draft.  This made the sidebar reappear where it should.  I then did a slight width adjustment to the blog and everything seems fine.  I reposted Pudding Capers and its all good!  Thanks, Chuck!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Hi Joolz.........oh this post has let me comment but I wanted to say I choose the pics I want in my post and email them to the post........then edit the post.....move them where I want them and write the text.....the pics arrive in no time.......

  2. Dear Joolz,

    I had a bit of trouble trying to comment on your blog just now. Had to refresh and then it was okay.

    I do not know what you problem might be, but I think blogger has been playing around with things, so maybe it is that. My dashboard page has all changed, and it has taken me a while to work out. I do not like the new way, it takes me even longer to navigate my way around.

    I got a message from blogger to say that they had adjusted something on my page to help identify cookies to overseas viewers? Do not know what that means lol! Maybe that is what has happen to you :)

    Wish they would leave things alone, I dont like change!

    Hope you find a solution soon,


  3. See! Now what was all the fuss about? Bwahahahaha...

    Seriously, I'm glad you got it back to your preference. Things like this make me want to pull my hair out. :)


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