Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oh, poor South Australia has been tossed around with bad weather since Wednesday last week! Gale force winds, torrential rain and flooding saw the whole state plunged into darkness on that Wednesday. The rain radar map shows a front of rain going over Adelaide. I have never seen the dark colours show up on the radar before! It must have been scary!
There's always a rainbow somewhere!
We lost power from 3.50pm until about 10.10pm Wednesday. I found as many candles as I could.
We rigged up a light from our camper out to the pergola so we could barbecue and  started the gas hot water system in the camper so we had hot water too.
There were a lot of people complaining how inconvenienced they were but I just see it as a freak weather event and losing power was just part of it.
Brianna flew home in that terrible weather, we were glad to have her on the ground at our end!
By Friday, Kirby and Nate were home for the long weekend too! We had 'healthy' chicken fajitas for dinner.
Saturday, I made these healthy hazelnut cacao bombici balls for Kirby (she's doing a fitness plan at the moment).
The TV was rigged up outside under the pergola so we could watch the AFL Grand Final Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans. We were pleased that the doggies got up and won! The last time they won a GF was in 1954!
A low cal sangria with lite cranberry juice, grape juice, mineral water and vodka...
Hot dogs for lunch, very simple.
We kicked on into the night and had steaks for dinner, chillin' by the fire.
All day Saturday, I was watching my Sally Sourdough starter.  I thought she was a deadun as she looked very unwell when I fished her out of the fridge. I drained of the hooch which had a very pungent smell, tipped all of Sally into a bowl and started feeding her. Feeds at 8.30am, 2pm then 10pm produced a few bubbles so I wrapped her up for the night to see what Sunday morning would bring. She was bubbly so I did the water float test and she passed, a teaspoon of her floating on top of a glass of water.  I measured out 300 gms for the dough, fed the remainder and popped it back in the jar, back into the fridge.  I mixed up the dough, covered it and let it sit in our good room, all day Sunday.
Then I got to and made these wholemeal dinner rolls for Sunday night dinner (shown here ready to bake).  I also prepped the meatball mix for later and made the pasta dough so we could make fettucini later.
We took a drive to Robe for lunch and had a beautiful lunch at Sails. This is my pork cutlet with colcannon mash and apple chutney jus...
Back home, it was time to cook off the meatballs, make the bolognese sauce and make the pasta. Busy, busy!
Here's the recipe I used for the meatballs and sauce...

Donna Hay Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs
While we went to Robe, Bri stayed home and made this beautiful pavlova for dessert! She is the pavlova queen! 
Nate fancied the lot for himself!
Food coma!
Sunday evening, I gently did the fold/turn trick with the sourdough then covered and left until Monday morning. Kaboom! She nearly exploded out of the bowl!
That is a good rise!
The resulting loaves...I'm very pleased!
One loaf went back to Adelaide with the kids, the other I am enjoying as toast this morning.
It was a fun long weekend with the girls and Nate home but boy was I tired when they left! Good times! 
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. So much good food...... Freak weather happens. . People may can't cope with out modern technology. ..

  2. Glad you had a good weekend together. Those loaves are gorgeous!

  3. A great read as always. That bread is just perfect


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