Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mish mash...

Here's a bit of a round up of what's been happening in the past week.  Earlier last week, I made these two loaves of Chadd's bread. I bought these two tins in Tasmania and they're handmade. One is a smaller tin which made a cute loaf.  Perfect for gifting a little loaf with homemade soup to someone...
On Tuesday, I dined out at a local cafe with my four sisters for two of their birthdays.  I had a big bowl of delicious, homemade vegetable soup.
I follow Kelly Rae Roberts on Instagram.  She is a very talented artist from Portland, Oregon USA. I decided I'd like to get her 2017 calendar so I looked online then decided against it because of freight costs and exchange rates etc.   Imagine how pleased I was to find that very calendar in a gift shop in MY HOME TOWN!  I'll hang it up at work above my desk. Happy, happy!
As we were heading to Adelaide on Sunday, I did some baking for my girls.  I made Cranberry Hooty Creek Cookies ...
...and these Weekender Biscuits. 

I also made two slices - Clinker Slice and Lemon Slice

I made this for dinner last Wednesday...

Thursday was Hasselback chicken, stuffed with ricotta and spinach...
 The slices went off to Adelaide with us as I like to send Bri off to work with some goodies for her and her nurse and doctor colleagues.  Anything to make their shift a bit better.  Kirby also took some to work with her too.
We went out to dinner on Sunday night, to Singapore House.  This is a lovely fusion restaurant on Glen Osmond Road.  We had soft shell crab, yellow duck curry, coconut prawns, sticky pork and crispy beef between 5 of us and I had black sticky rice and fruit salad (yum!) for dessert. We'll definitely be going back!
When we were away on holidays in Tasmania, we happened to find a new doona cover at Bed, Bath and Table, in Hobart.  Gus liked this one and I was happy to go with neutral tones but we didn't get it over there, we just took down the name (Orlando). I went to Burnside Village in Adelaide before we headed for home on Monday and was able to buy the set there at BB&T.   Again, happy, happy!
Greys, silver, fawn...
Stock piling! You've got to do it! Chocolate was all $2.50 a pack, deodorant $3.00 instead of over $4.00, shampoo and conditioner $3.29 half price. Fruit $1.50, down from $1.99 - hubby eats one tub over 2 morning with his breakfast. 
$54.77 saved by stocking up! 
I love Bircher muesli for breakfast but I think it tends to have a fair bit of sugar in the muesli so I just used 1/4 cup plain rolled oats, 1/4 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup low fat yoghurt, 1/2 cup blueberries and half a grated apple....
This was delicious!  I am also going to try it with chia seeds soon...
So that's me up to date, how about you.

I am still having a bit of trouble blogging from my phone - Blogger is dropping out each time I try and compose a blog so I need to sort that out.  Have resorted to my work pc to put the words to this post!

Be kind to one another and yourself too!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I won't even try to post from my phone or tablet. It's hard to leave comments, so I think a whole post would be awful!

  2. I love your mish mash posts!! Lots of lovely baking again, your girls and friends are very lucky to be on the receiving end of all your goodies. You have some good stockpiling going on there...always good to grab some bargains.


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