Thursday, May 19, 2016

Poor sick cat...

Our poor old Bonnie cat is struggling at the moment. I had her to the vet last Saturday as she was wobbly on her feet and one eye was closed more than the other.  They thought it was an ear infection so I had drops to put in that ear but yesterday there had been no improvement and she was no better so I took her back. 
They kept her there all day and decided to try some anti-biotics (tablets) and an anti-inflammatory (liquid) to see if that helps.  She did have a cat bite abcess a while back near her left ear so they think the infection may be linked to that.
She was very mopey this morning but I got her meds into her so we had a cuddle and she was purring away.  Poor love is 9 years old and she's looking very moth-eaten a she hasn't been able to groom herself properly.  Hopefully the meds will kick in and she'll spark up again.

I had my eye appointment in MtG yesterday and was walking past a chemist and saw a sign advertising 'walk-in Flu shots'.  I thought I may as well get one right there and then instead of having to go to the doctor and pay $70 plus the jab.  This cost me $20 and I got straight in, had the vaccination then had to wait 15 minutes in case of a reaction. Done and dusted!
Tuesday night dinner - chicken casserole with leek and mushrooms...
...and last night, pork chops with maple apple sauce...
The apples were sauteed off in the pan juices with shallot and thyme then maple syrup and water was added, then it all had to reduce.  Delicious with the pork.
Tonight we are having a thrown together zucchini slice with lamb chops and salad.  The weather is decidedly wintery today with a few showers of rain so I've already been shopping for the few ingredients I didn't have so I can get home straight away after work.
I wonder how Bonnie will be when I get home?

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Poor Bonnie. :( Hope the new meds set her on the mend. The pork and apples look yummy, and I just heard something about the benefits of real maple and brain health.

  2. I hope your cat gets better soon.

  3. Hi, Joolz-Emily/Momsbrain here. I was just looking over some old posts on my blog and saw a comment from you and wanted to visit your blog. I am inspired by your cooking! Everything looks so good. And I hope your cat is getting better - I love her name, as Bonnie was my mother's name! I see your mother had a birthday recently. She looks good! Just wanted to drop in for a "visit" and say hello. You cheer me up. -Emily

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much, I'm glad you visited my blog and enjoyed it.
      My mum is doing fine at the moment and is well in herself. She seems to be more relaxed and accepting of being in the aged care home. It is a marvellous place and we couldn't wish for a better place for her. For so long she battled with it. I guess as the Alzheimer's progresses, she becomes more oblivious to it all. We are always pleased if she is just a bit happy when we visit, rather than being down and depressed. She comes out with some funny things sometimes which gives us a laugh.
      Our Bonnie cat is still quite unwell, we are just trying some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds but I haven't seen any improvement yet....
      I do love cooking and love it even more when people like seeing what I've been making and maybe become enthused to try a recipe.
      I've been bread making today which went really well, stay tuned for a post on that...
      Cheers - Joolz xx



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