Sunday, April 3, 2016

Slow going...

I have started on the petit point but gee, it's slow going.  I went and bought magnifying glass to start with, and that allowed me to highlight the pattern that has so far been stitched. But that was slow going...

So I went to the "cheap shop" and spent $5.95 on a pair of magifying specs.  Game changer!  My hands are free and I can see the work in focus!  I am aware that I should only do this in short bursts so as not to strain my eyes.
Can you see the pile of cotton fluff? I've had to unpick some portions of the work as my auntie was 'one stitch out' in a few places.  This creates a problem where the work may run into where another stitch should be.  It took me over an hour to unpick one tiny bit as stitches were entwined.  I may be as old as Auntie Betty (90!) by the time I finish it! 
I'm off to visit a Rose farm with a few girlfriends today. The weather looks promising for a nice ladies day out - apparently they have over 600 roses for viewing and you can buy as well.  There's food and wine and entertainment for kids...
Cheers - Joolz xx




  1. goodluck with that will sure be worth the effort.......

  2. Oops...guess I was wrong with the 'in no time' comment.

    I had to give up close work when I was in readers, because the constant refocusing, looking from pattern to work and back, made me incredibly nauseous. After I got trifocals, I discovered that I was able to manage it again. But that was around the same time I was beginning to be bothered by Meniere's so may have had to do with that.

    Hope you have much success with the readers. It really is a gorgeous piece.

  3. It will be something very special to treasure when finished with a lovely story to pass on about the combined efforts that went into the embroidery of the work. Pretty pattern.


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