Thursday, November 5, 2015

Home happenings...

My champion has been knocking up Ikea furniture like it is no one's business!
He only has one more bedside table to make, maybe tonight...
I did a sleep apnoea test on Tuesday night so I had to get wired up in Mt G then drive home...
Glad I didn't get pulled over by the cops - they may have thought I was going to blow myself up!  I also had to put in a nasal canular to monitor my breaths but you don't need a picture of that!
Needless to say, with two devices strapped to my chest and waist, plus all those wires and tubes plus a pulse monitor on my pointer finger, I had a rough night. I'm not sure if I stopped breathing much, that's what the test will determine.
Now, on the home decor front - out with the old...
...and in with the new!  Well, actually this whole bed is going to be replaced with a new mattress ensemble but all the manchester and white furniture is new! This is what Kirby chose for her room which is now a spare room.  I still have to get rid of that toy box on the right which is chock full of Kirby's high school books. I can't move the damn thing, it's so heavy!
Just to freak Kirb out, I added the kitty cushion - she was not amused and threatened to take to it with a kitchen knife when she gets home tomorrow! 
It's actually for Brianna who will appreciate it much more!
Bri's room is in a state of flux at the moment!  I have to somehow clear it all out this weekend as the new queen beds arrive!  Wish me luck and hopefully Sunday I can reveal her finished room too!  This is like being on The Block and styling ain't my thing!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. The kitty does have a very piercing gaze! I put off my IKEA trip. Maybe next week. :)

    1. Kirby hates cats! Bri on the other hand, I can see as a crazy cat lady in her old age.... ;)


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