Friday, September 18, 2015

Olive leaf extract...

A few people have told me to try OLE so I am trying the capsules. 
I heard the liquid has a disgusting taste so I thought I'd be better off taking one capsule in the morning with my other medication. Done and dusted. This is day 10 of this snotty cough, so I hope this shakes it. My huz has it as well so we make a great pair!
We have a few days off now and are heading for a small seaside town. Hopefully some sea air, nice wine and food and down time will do the trick!
Oh, I forgot - its our 29th Wedding Anniversary this weekend!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Congratulations (on the anniversary) and good luck (on kicking the coughs)! :)

  2. Happy anniversary, Joolz! The Olive Leaf liquid with the flavouring is quite nice. I usually have the mint but my son has the unflavoured one. I hope you feel better soon as you have been sick for a while now.

  3. Happy anniversary! hope the break does you both good and you come back refreshed and feeling better.

  4. Well at least the small seaside town put on nice weather foe you. Happy Anniversary



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