Monday, June 15, 2015

Knitter natter...

(Day 18)
I am thoroughly enjoying my knitting...
After a slow start and a few glitches and unpicking, I have settled into the pattern and its going well.
I have even learned (via a YouTube video) how to pick up dropped stitches (that happened this morning and I really panicked but I got out my trusty crochet hook and voila, picked them up! Yay!)...
...and also to draw yarn up the side of your work when doing stripes so you aren't joining colours all the time. Old dog, new tricks!


Its been a real learning experience...
Here's the Youtube link ... Picking up dropped stitches
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Beautiful work, and you're making great progress. Drawing yarn up the side is not my favorite thing to do, as I had to draw up all the colors in my sky scarf up the entire length/year.

    1. Yes, you would have - what a pain! Thankfully it is only for a few of the striped blocks...

  2. Looking good Joolz!

    Ahh so there is an easy way to pick up dropped stitches eh? I must check that out as I always un-pull and get frustrated and sometimes give up in disgust, not that I drop stitches very often, but when I do grrr lol!


  3. It is looking great! And coming together so quickly!

  4. Joolz, looks great! Love all the colours.
    Ditto Tania, preferably before I start knitting socks as I have a "thing" for dropping stitches.....sigh.

    1. Here is the link to the Youtube video - its really very easy!


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