Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Back on track...

After 'frogging' my knitting over the weekend, I am back on track, knitting the correct pattern and its coming out fine. Phew - baby steps, Joolz!

...sun is streaming in the windows although its cold outside...

Keeping our vitamin C levels up with fresh juice - apple, carrot, orange...

Yummy dinner last night - Babymac's chicken cacciatore. Tummy pleasing!

(Pic from Throwback at Trapper Creek blog)

I can't wait to try these Apricot Bars with my apricot jam.


Its a beaut sunny day today but very crisp at 12C ...

...but judging by those clouds, rain isn't far away - it's heading our way!

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. The knitting is looking great. I had to go backwards with mine too this week - it's pretty frustrating to undone all your hard work!
    We are meant to get the heavy rain by tomorrow, but you will be first! I am getting lots planted today hopefully, so it can all be watered in well tomorrow.
    Good knitting weather coming our way.

  2. Thank you Joolz! Just what I needed, another yummy recipe. Plenty of jam here too :)



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