Sunday, May 31, 2015


Now, going back to Saturday night ...

That evening we had a black tie dinner to attend at the Sydney Cricket Ground. It was a great night but my poor feet suffered having to wear heels (which I rarely do). The band was called Jellybean Jam and they played great 80's/90's covers and Vince Sorrenti was the talent. Very funny man!

I turned into a pumpkin just past midnight and hobbled off to bed!

Now, I know these heels are not even that high but I have arthritis in one big toe and bending my feet into heels and tottering around on concrete having drinkies for ...get hour and a half !!! before we sat down for dinner, well that just crippled me! Burning feet!


On Sunday, after a lazy morning we headed for Circular Quay for lunch...


We were so lucky with the weather. Bet it was chilly doing the bridge climb!

Our favourite spot for lunch is The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar...for a nice Pinot Gris...

We ordered and they bought our my weapons eating utensils! What was I in for?

I ordered the Blue Swimmer Crab curry - they should have given me rubber gloves and a bib - it was a messy business!

Gus ordered the more sensible fish of the day...

Anyway, I demolished the crab, splashing it on me, Gus and other lunch guest, no doubt (!) with every claw crack and lapped up the curry! Delish!

Later in the afternoon it was off to see The Rocky Horror Show at the Lyric Theatre at Darling Harbour...

A brilliant show, made even better with Craig McLachlan as Frank N Furter! Good, adult fun!

After the show, we found a little place Gus had read about called 'Pony Dining' at The Rocks so we got a table. I wasn't very hungry so I ordered the twice baked cheese soufflé (great choice) and Gus had some scallops and a couple if other little dishes. The beauty is that you can just order another dish if you're still hungry and it quickly appears. All the food is made in the kitchen right in front of you.

After dinner, we strolled back around to Circular Quay to catch the train back to St James station. The Vivid 2015 light show was on so we saw some laser lights set to music and most buildings were lit up with artworks. My iPhone just wasn't picking the lights up so I was pleased when I found some great pictures on a blog.

Jools from a Year In My Garden has the most beautiful pictures of the night on her blog. View here...

Monday morning, I went to The Tea Centre (which was just across the road from our hotel) and bought some Sweet Dreams tea to help me sleep. I saw these lovely little cups for tea drinking and picked out a teapot to match. Sadly, the teapot had a flaw in the glaze and it was the last one....boooo! I still bought the cups and they said they'd ring their other store to see if they had another teapot. I while later, I had a call and yes, they had one so would freight it to me....

Wednesday, back in South Australia, my teapot arrived - what fantastic service! The tea makes a lovely tasting brew!


Back on deck for work on Tuesday - no rest for the wicked!

Cheers - Joolz xx




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