Saturday, May 16, 2015

Like mother, like daughter...


One morning this past week, I enjoyed scrambled eggs and toast (not ON toast - that would never do!)...

Brianna is home for a full week of annual leave (Yay!) and her first request was tacos so I made chicken corn and bean tacos and she smothered them in tomato sauce! We poked fun at her for doing this then I remembered my picture of scrambled eggs, drizzled with tomato sauce...

Are you a sauce fan? I like it on eggs, sausages and cold roast lamb...

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Tomato sauce is a favourite in this house. I have even made my own on occasion, even yummier :)

    Enjoy your week with Bri Joolz xx

  2. I do like it on scrambled eggs! None of my family ever understood this, but I can remember exactly how it started for me. I was in nursery school and a favorite teachers' aide put some on my eggs, and I have never looked back. :) We also love our salsa on them (and everything else) here in TX.


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