Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busy times...

Sorry, I've been absent for a while. We had Bri home for a week (so good) then we went to Sydney for 4 days last weekend...
The perfect boiled egg. Everyone likes them cooked differently and it's a personal thing but I like mine with a cooked solid white but the yolk runny and creamy. On MasterChef, Marco Pierre White suggests boiling water in a saucepan then carefully putting the eggs in. My eggs are just right at 5 minutes 45 seconds...
Bri and I enjoyed Thai when we had to zip to Mt Gambier... $11.90 lunch specials!
Aren't these little guys cute? Bri has self-taught herself to crochet (YouTube) so she's been churning lots of these out.
I enjoyed cooking for her. She likes Devilled Sausages...
...and corned beef with veggies and broc-cauliflower cheese bake...
While Bri crocheted, I knitted - another nice dish cloth (or wash cloth).

I am awaiting the delivery of my kit to knit this Commemorative Throw - Shades of our Forces. The colours represent the Army, Airforce and Navy. I chose to knit it in wool rather than acrylic.
Kits are available for a limited time at the Better Homes and Garden shop site.
Now this - this is my sister Leanne's completed throw rug. Isn't it beautiful? I hope mine turns out as nice!
I'll be back with a few pictures of Sydney soon...
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. tell Bri well done, love those owls, so cute. I just cannot get the hang of crochet. Even knitting is a challenge for me. I now have a craving for boiled eggs, yours looked so good.

  2. Oh how I LOVE your cranberry glass Joolz! This was such a fun and interesting post! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Those crocheted owls are so cute! I have been wanting to learn crochet for ages - I might try Youtube as well. Your dishcloth is lovely.
    We musn't live that far away from each other if you go to the Mount. I am in Hamilton, used to live in Penola. Great to 'meet' you!

    1. Hi Jayne, I live in Millicent. Yes, try YouTube for tutorials, there are some good ones.

    2. We have friends in Millicent - small world! I really need to get to Geltwood one of these years. Closest I've come so far is Lucindale Field Days!

    3. Yes, although I am not a quilter, the Geltwood Festival is wonderful. Lots of exhibitions and some workshops too plus you get to see our beautiful region.

  4. Yum, that's how I like my eggs too. Cute owls and gorgeous throw! Interested in your broc-cauliflower cheese bake recipe...please. :)

    1. I just make a white sauce out of a big knob of butter and 2 heaped tablespoons plain flour - whisk this around to cook off the flour then add milk and stir like crazy so you don't get lumps. Add more milk as it thickens. Add a handful (!) of cheddar cheese, salt, pepper and a teaspoon of dry mustard powder...
      Cut up your broccoli and cauliflower into small florets, place in a small baking dish. I usually add a small amount of water then cover and microwave for 3 minutes to get it started. Drain off water then pour white cheese sauce over the veggies. Top with more cheese and bake until golden and bubbling... YUM!


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