Saturday, April 11, 2015

Super savings...

This week at Woolies, I happened to browse their catalogue and there were a few items that had particularly good savings...

Cold Power 2 litre - half price at $7.50 (saving $7.50)
Finish Dish Tabs 48 pack - $13.00, normally $27.99 (saving $14.99 ea) x 2
Weight Watchers frozen meals $4.00 (saving $1.79 ea) x 4. I like thse for my lunch and $4.00 is great for a hot meal.
McCains meals $4.80 (saving $2.19) x 2
There is also my huge chook in there that I bought a while back - a 2.2kg monster for $5.52 - I must use him up soon! (Not included in this calculation)

I also bought 750ml pump pack of Sunsilk conditioner for $5.24 (saving $5.25)

Total outlay $60.34

Total savings - a whopping $54.27 !!!

It really pays to keep an eye out for those big half price savings, especially on expensive items.

Cheers - Joolz xx


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  1. every little helps and the money may as well be in your pocket than the big grocery stores.


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