Sunday, April 12, 2015

Home this weekend...


I zipped to MtG yesterday to pick up a package for Gus and to pick up my new prescription sunglasses. Our local OPSM store closed down a few weeks ago so now we have to do a 100km round trip to the optometrist.

Loving the new sunnies, they are not too dark and are polarised so they really cut the glare. They are especially good when you have wet roads but bright sunshine, no glare at all!


I hate buying clothes! Hate it! It makes me anxious! I am a weird shape (big up top, round around my middle, skinny thighs and long legs) so I have learned to buy clothes when I find things that fit me, at the start of the season when new stock is just in. You get a much better choice with styles and sizes. I bough these 4 tops at Sussan. They had a great offer - spend over $100 and receive a $25 voucher for your next purchase. The saleslady split the tops into two sales so I earned a voucher with the first sale so I got $25 off the second sale plus I'd spent over $100 again so got another $25 voucher for next time. Excellent! These tops will last a few winters as the fabric is easy wash and wear, low pill, no fading as I will dry them on an airer inside and they don't need ironing either. Great for travelling too.

I bought these a few weeks back from TS14+ (Taking Shape) in MtG. Haha, I like shopping there because my size is XS or S!! I fluked shopping when they had brand new stock so there was heaps to choose from. I had to stop the saleslady from bringing more for me to try on! These were not on sale but will last a few seasons because of their easy wear fabrics. I do not do bright colours, especially in winter. Some people are cold frogs, layering up in winter but I am the opposite - I hate overly warm rooms/shops or heaters on in cars, it's almost like a claustrophobia to me. I panic if I get too hot therfore I rarely wear scarves or things right up around my neck. On a a really cold day, I might put a singlet top on underneath these tops, but that's it. Yep, I am weird!

I made a cinnamon tea cake, because....

Enjoyed it with a cup of coffee, because....

I made naan bread as Gus was making beef coconut curry...

As always, it turned out very well - good recipe! I forgot to take a picture of the curry because...

This happened! I reached for my glass of red wine and knocked it over onto our carpet! All I could do was cover it in bicarb soda and wait. It soaked up a lot of it....

This morning it does not look good. I have tried a few spots with carpet cleaner but I think we will call in the professionals tomorrow. Oh, dear!

Time for a cup of tea - I'm off to watch a bit of Downton Abbey now, not quite sure what episode I am up to.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. So sorry about your carpet! :(((( I do like the looks of that cake, though. :) Yum!

  2. I do that same with clothes when I find something the right shape.... and you just had a big declutter didn't you?! Lovely cake, pity about the wine. That's why I drink white lol. cheers Wendy

  3. I am the same as you in winter, less is best. When I have to wear a rain coat for work its like a sauna, I feel like I am wearing a plastic bag and I get so hot and sweaty


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