Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday...

We had a lazy morning and enjoyed the Fruchoc HCB's I made - so good!

This was my loot!

Our friends picked us up after lunch and we headed for Adelaide Oval to watch the Crows vs Kangaroos match...

Crossing the Torrens River...

Ooh wow! We were lucky to be in a corporate box - food and drinks laid on!

We had a great view!

The Crows had fancy flame thrower thingys that went off as they come onto the ground...

By the time we left the ground it was nearly dark, due to us changing our clocks back for Daylight Saving. We made a call to our girls and met up with them at the Payneham Chinese Restaurant.

We chose sweet & sour pork, scallops, prawns, Mongolian lamb and special fried rice. All very yummy and beautifully fresh. Then it was home to bed after a very long day!

Cheers - Joolz xx

PS : I'm sitting up in bed writing this, contemplating making a batch of scones....yep, better hop to it! -J



  1. That looks like yummy meal Joolz. I like it when shared dishes are ordered cause no one ever makes a wrong choice . It's a good way to try something you aren't sure about or might not have chosen on it's own.

  2. The scones can wait, have a lie in. It's 11am here, I'm still in me nightie BUT I have been sewing a quilt together. I'm about to go get dressed and find some food, maybe chocolate, I didn't have any yesterday, too full from dinner! :D


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