Saturday, April 18, 2015

Busy in the kitchen...


Pumpkin and veg soup - looks a bit green because of the zucchini I put in it...

Cheese and bacon toasties - some people call these Rat Bait! Together with the soup, that was our dinner last night.

This morning I got my bake on...
My dear little great-nephew was bitten on his face by a dog and had to be flown to Adelaide by RFDS on Thursday evening. He had plastc surgery performed and they are on their way home today. I text my niece to let her know that I was making dinner for them. The mornay, it turns out, is Brax's favourite - I didn't even know so that was a fluke!

First up, banana bread (for my niece)...

Then I made the chicken & corn mornay...

And a tossed salad...

and some bread cases for the mornay. These are used like vol au vents but are much cheape and just as tasty.

A date loaf for our staff - we are having a working bee at work tomorrow. Big clean up!

Finally, some Country Boy cookies (sultana, choc chip, oats - how can you go wrong?).

Now its time for a cup of tea and an episode of Downton Abbey!

Its been a dreary day here with a bit of rain, perfect for baking! What have you been up to?

Cheers - Joolz xx




  1. Oh, you HAVE been busy! Everything looks delicious as usual. So sad about great-nephew. :( Hope he heals quickly and well, and I the experience hasn't made him never want to see another dog...or doctor.

    1. He's a pretty resilient kid, he's been tell everyone exactly what happened, in great detail. He had just got a little Jack Russell pup of his own weeks ago (Daisy) so hopefully he wont have a fear of dogs. She's a sweetie!

  2. Hi Jools. It's soup season here too, I made a big pan of spicy pumpkin soup, I've got heaps left after two days of it so I'm going to freeze the rest. Our neighbour turned up yesterday with a bucket load of mushrooms, I'll make soup tomorrow. We've got lamb shanks today :D It was cold, wet and downright dreary here yesterday.

    1. Isn't it funny how colder weather makes us want to enjoy all these wonderful dishes? But in summertime, who cares as long as its quick and easy!
      Its chilly here today and I'm planning a lamb curry of some sort.

  3. Your food looks delicious, as always!! :) I do hope your great nephew-nephew makes a good recovery.
    Anne xx


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