Monday, March 2, 2015

This and that...


I found these two plates when we visited Daylesford... This one (which is actually a saucer) for $7...

and this German one for $8 - too good to leave behind. It is dated 1986 - the year we were married.


I found this cough recipe which might be helpful during winter.


Sadly, actor Leonard Nimoy passed away this week, aged 83. I can't say I have been a Star Trek fan but I love his Vulcan greeting - did you know not all people can part their fingers like this? My huz included.


Live long and prosper... RIP Mr Spock


Alicia Paulson has been at it again, creating gorgeous cushions this time.


Oh dear!


I picked up these free range fresh eggs and fresh picked cherry toms in Meningie on my way home on Sunday. There is a community craft and antique shop that I call into each time I drive through. It makes me take a break at the 2 hour mark in my journey.

Gus travelled home in another car and made a stop at a fish shop. He bought home these super fresh oysters (I did them Kilpatrick style) and some King George whiting which we just pan fried, sprinkled with lemon juice. Nothing better.

The 1st of March heralds Autumn in Australia - that is a beautiful thing to me! Move on Summer, you have been a biatch! It's funny, I love summer clothes more than I love winter clothes but I love winter a whole lot more than summer. Go figure!

Cheers - Joolz xx


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  1. great photos. Seems I can multi-task like that as well...LOL


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