Sunday, March 1, 2015

Madame Hanoi ...

Madame Hanoi is a new restaurant in the Adelaide Casino building, featuring French Vietnamese cuisine, craft beers and a local wine selection. What is not to love!

Kirby worked on their advertising account so she was keen to take us to this exciting new eatery. She and Bri met us there at 6.30pm.

We left the Clipsal track at about 6pm and walked up to East Terrace looking for a taxi. We saw this young man and some others on these pedi-cabs. After negotiating a generous fare, we jumped aboard and were soon flying through the streets ... and can I say, red lights ... of Adelaide city! I may have feared for my life a few times but to be ripping along with a breeze in my very short hair after such a hot day, it was pure fun!

This dude had been in Adelaide only 4 days and already had this job. He was from Germany and spoke very good English. After the Clipsal he was heading out to Thailand then back to Darwin to do another stint of pedi-cabbing up there. He said he liked the climate and lifestyle of Darwin. What a carefree life!

This is the downstairs eating gallery - isn't the mural stunning?
(Forgot to take a pic of the scallops so this photo is from an Urban Spoon review of MH)
We had been grazing all day at the track so we shared all the dishes...
First up were grilled Hervey Bay scallops, chilli, lime, soy... Yum!

Next, soft-shell crab sliders in a squid ink brioche bun, coriander, chilli lime mayonnaise - Lordy, so good!

Crispy pork belly ... Wonderfully tender.

...with Vietnamese herbs, hoisen sauce, noodles and lettuce cups.

Crispy chicken wings, fish sauce, red chilli and mint - seriously spicy but cooked to perfection!


Beautiful, casual dining in the heart of Adelaide. Book ahead or be prepared to wait for a table. We sat at the bar and had a drink then they called our mobile to say our table was ready. All staff seemed friendly, especially our waiter, Holly. It was very busy be ause of the Clipsal and Fringe crowd but the food came out fairly well on time.

This is my review and it is my humble opinion only and I received nothing from Madame Hanoi.

Cheers - Joolz xx


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  1. I too love the mural, very eye catching. The food looks yummy, though the ink squid rolls look "different" LOL


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