Sunday, February 1, 2015

Internet down, internet down!

I'm not sure if it's to do with me buying a new phone last Wednesday or to do with speaking with Telstra to get our girl's internet moved from one address to another - I have had trouble since Thursday.

Nana Chel has been experiencing similar problems, you can read about it here....we are living parallel lives!

I can't count the calls I've had with them, trying to sort out the connection problem. I thought I had it sorted yesterday afternoon after speaking with two people, one who sounded like Goldmember from an Austin Powers movie! - do they synthesise their voices? - got the internet up and running, having to go in through my modem and change passwords (which I knew how to do as the "tech" couldn't help me as it's not a Telstra modem)! Anyway, I got off the phone thinking all was rosey only to discover the wi-fi isn't connecting to my iPad and iPhone and it says I have a duplicate internet session where two parties are trying to log in with the same username at the same time!!!! Blood pressure 155/200 !

To insult to injury, the Telstra person had said they could put me through to their 'Platinum' technical service but it would be a paid service. I asked how much - around $100 for advice! What! I very snippily told them that I had been a Telstra customer for some 29 years (we've never been with any other carrier in all our married years) and that I would definitely NOT be paying for their help! Just fix the bloody problem!!!

I swear I nearly had an aneurysm when this happened, it was so stressful!

However, I am not stressing further - I am ringing a reliable computer guy in our town and booking an hour of his time so he can sort it out. He'll know why it is doing what it is doing.

Sorry for the rant,

Peace out - Joolz xx



  1. We are having trouble with Telstra too Joolz, and we are sick and tired of ringing them to complain. The technicians come around, check things over, tell us everything is okay and leave. Then a little while later we are back on the phone to them. Our internet is so slow as we are on an old pair gain line. They have told us we wont be getting the new NBN because it doesn't cover where we live. They are laying the cable in town at the moment. I don't know what is going to happen to us when they switch over to NBN. I tried networking with my phone to get the internet on my laptop, but that wouldn't work either. Don't know what is going on with them!

    Maybe we will have to learn to live without the luxuries like Tina@The Quiet Home was talking about lol! No internet? Boy the things I would get done, and I would get my life back instead of wasting my life looking through posts on facebook, forums and countless blogs. YOLO as my son always reminds me lol!

    Hope you get the problem sorted at your end Joolz. There are some people that don't have the internet, how do they cope lol!


  2. Technology is so frustrating when it doesn't work and really there is no excuse for poor service. I hope your problems get solved soon.
    Anne xx

  3. Joolz, that is the exact same message I got so I am going to ring up Telstra again and tell them I am not the only one. I'd better check my BP first. I did try to get onto them before but there was a 20 minute waiting time so obviously we aren't the only ones having trouble.

  4. my house phone was not working properly for a month until they finally came the 3rd time and fixed it.........only for it to work less then 2 weeks and go out for another 2 weeks..........touch wood it is working fine at the moment but it is the OLD crap lines we have and they won't do anything to make it better...........goodluck........


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