Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bye bye January, Hello February!

Now, while I am having internet problems, I do have separate pre-paid internet on my iPad and I am on a plan with my phone so my thoat has not been cut entirely!

This is my calendar that I have in my kitchen - tah tah January! I never did try that Pepper Steak recipe...
Each December, I buy a new calendar and slip it into the frame.

Pardon the blank, dark blue wall - my 50th birthday collage is meant to hang there but the Command hooks weren't holding it and we found it dangling precariously one day (ahem, last October!) - must get Gus to get it back up today, if possible. Because the air conditioning controls are on that wall, we cannot drill into the stone wall incase we hit electrical wiring.

And into February we go. I must try these cookies one day soon but today I am making Peanut butter cookies.
It's meant to be our hottest month of summer - just as school goes back. Normally the kids swelter but its cold and windy outside again today. Its been a weird summer. We have barely used our A/C (good for saving $$) and I hate the hot weather anyway but gee, I haven't even made it to the beach for a day like we usually do.
This was the yummy curry Gus made last night. An easy dish, perfect for a Saturday night.
We added in some carrot as well and some baby spinach and capsicum would be good too. I'm all for adding in those veggies.
Off to make those cookies now...
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. We've been with Telstra that long to and to have to pay for something that is there doing adds insult to injury. I get so sick of explaining to different people the problem and they all seem to have it sorted until you get off the phone and then it's still not working and you have to call again and start all over aarrhh. My sister had spent nearly 9 hours on the phone over a couple of days trying to get a problem sorted and in the end she'd had enough and lost it and burst into tears. The operator asked her what was wrong and she impolitely told him she just wanted her #$%^& fixed.

    We have trouble with our internet here. As soon as business start opening around town it's very hard to do anything on the internet as it's so slow. Bring on the NBN, and hopefully with no problems to do the changeover.

    When we've had problems with the landline we've gone to the local Telstra shop. They've directed us to a phone in the shop and said here's the number. I could have done that at home!!

    Everytime we have moved house we've had problems. One the phone line moved a week before another time it took a fortnight to switch over. This time there was a line problem and no phone in the house. The lady at the Telstra shop told us we had to contact the previous people that lived in the house and get the phone back. Hello we just moved 700 km's, the house was rented and they moved out four weeks ago and we are new to town!!

    Telstra rant over but I'm thinking why do we still use Telstra?

    1. Oh, Louise! I cannot imagine what would come out of my mouth if they asked me to retrieve a phone from a complete stranger! Aarrgh!

  2. I cant believe it is February already! Where did January go? I am enjoying the nice pleasant weather we are having up this way. It has been more like Autumn. Maybe Summer forgot to arrive, I hope so. I don't like the extreme temperatures we have here over summer.


    1. It's certainly autumnal here, which I love! It motivates me to get out in the garden whereas I find it too hot if it's 22C!


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