Thursday, January 29, 2015

RIP iPhone 4S ...


My iPhone chucked a tanty on the weekend and became useless! It started freezing (almost if I just looked at the damned thing)! Freezing during calls, swiping to open, taking photos ( annoying) and the battery life was ridiculous. I drove home on Tuesday, leaving with 100% battery. I made no calls and checked Facebook one hour into the trip when I got lunch in Tailem Bend, for 5 minutes. I didn't use it for music (no Bluetooth in the ute) and four hours later it was as dead as a maggot, switched off!


Yesterday morning, I was in Mt Gambier by 9am, knocking on the door of the Telstra shop! Gimme a new iPhone 6!

I chose the pretty gold 64GB IPhone 6 (not the Plus) and Joe, the rep I have bought previous phones off of, proceeded to swap the phones over. I had backed up my phone on Tuesday night to my computer and deleted most of my photos. He had a bit of trouble getting it to move across - he hoped my back up had worked otherwise uh oh! The iCloud backup didn't appear to have worked....
I got home and plugged it in to my pc and thankfully, within an hour, I had it up and running. So far, I haven't noticed much difference between the two phones, everything is where it was, sounds the same, it's just a different shape. I had a clear case put on the back and have ordered a 'glass' screen saver which should be here Friday. I also need an extra power lead, one for my bedside and one to take travelling with me.

With 64GB I'll have oodles of space for music and photos.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Very nice. Now I'm wondering how much longer my 4 will last.... the battery does seem to go very quickly.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy which switches itself off quite regularly. It is a few years old now so I guess it has built in obsolescence like everything else and will say goodbye sometime soon.


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