Friday, January 30, 2015

dried apricot jam ...

I made a batch of dried apricot jam last night - 500gms of South Aussie apricots, 1.5kgs of sugar and juice of 1 lemon gave me 9 jars! The fruit is first soaked in water for 8 hours then boiled for an hour before the sugar and lemon is added.

Nine jars of yumminess!
I love the look of the gingham lids (I buy Bon Maman jams every so often to collect the jars)! I never give these jars of jam away.
Does anyone know how long lemon curd or lemon butter keeps for?  I'd like to make some.
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. That jam looks delicious.
    Anne xx

  2. Every recipe I have read for Lemon butter/curd seems to say that it only keeps for a short time, 3-2 weeks max. Last lot I made I did in the microwave, so quick and simple.Zap and stir, repeat. I think it took about 10 minutes from start to finish and that includes juicing the lemons.

  3. Hi Joolz, is the quantity of sugar right ? Three times the amount of sugar to fruit sound like alot.

    Cath from Cheapskateshas a 6 minute lemon butter recipe. It must be kept in the fridge and lasts for about two weeks. It's very yummy and easy to make.

    I have friends and family saving jars for me and I have some of the gingham ones too. I'd never give them away. They are too cute.

    1. I know it sounds an awful lot of sugar but it makes the most beautiful jam. When soaked in water the apricots plump up so that evens the ratio a bit, I think.

      Thanks for the lemon butter tip, I 'll look it up!

  4. Yummy looking jam there Joolz!

    My mother in law made me some Lemon curd and it kept in the fridge for ages, even though she said it wouldn't last long. I think the reason it doesn't keep as long is because it contains egg?



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