Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to the real world...

Oh dear, all we seem to do is eat beautiful food! As Kirby was due to head back to Adelaide on Monday, we decided to do lunch in the Coonawarra...

We chose Coonawarra Station (previously named Penola Station). This was my Thai Beef Salad - yummy soy based dressing, could have had a bit more beef.

Kirby had the Beef and Chicken Fajita - huge serve! Gus had the barramundi and chips and Bri had prawn creamy pasta - delish!

Back home, we started on dinner (because you can never eat enough food, right?). I made Julie Goodwin's Lemon lime tart...

Free range chicken on the spit roaster, jacket potatoes and I did parsnip, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots in the oven...


A small slice...

Then the girls wanted to play made for a late night!

Up and attem Monday morning and back to work ... ah, cuppa tea in my new Burleigh mug.

I am going to try this recipe soon - definitely need to get into some WW recipes!

I bought myself a Kobo eReader on out trip to Melbourne. I love it as I can take a selection of books with me in one little package. Do you have a Kindle or Kobo reader?


I am in Adelaide now as Bri is having her wisdom teeth out this afternoon (day surgery). Not really looking forward to that, either of us!

Added: Bri is home and resting after her surgery. She was admitted at 3pm and I picked her up at 7.30pm. She has puffy cheeks and is in a fair bit of pain. She has some strong pain relief to take tonight then hopefully tomorrow just regular Panadol. She is a little trouper.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. All the best with the teeth,At least Bri has mUmma to help,I had mine out and three kids to look after!...Not fun! I love all the yumminess you have on your blog,and you are so family it!

    1. Even though they are capable adults, we are always there to help in any way if needed. She'll need a bit of mumma TLC for a day or two...

  2. I have a Kindle app on my ( well its really Tobi's) Ipad2 and downloaded hundreds of free books on our 3 month trip away. Been home for three months and still haven't read them all.

  3. Hope Bri does well with extractions. So nice you can be with her.

  4. Hi Joolz - yes tooth extraction does detract from all that lovely food you have shown us! Poor Bri - hope it all goes smoothly. We are all lucky enough not to have any wisdom teeth in this family, not sure what that says about us!! Liking the look of that Pad Thai recipe too. I don't have an e-reader, but might get one some day. Will be interested to know how you like yours. cheers Wendy

  5. Happy New Year Joolz, I'm finally playing catch up on the blogs! Life is too short not to eat lovely food, and you certainly do eat some wonderful food. I nearly drooled all over the keyboard seeing what you had for Christmas lunch, looked divine.

  6. Lovely food as usual, Joolz. Not good for the weight loss though :-) Having wisdom teeth out is no fun. All the best to your girl.

  7. The food is always lovely at your place Joolz! I could do with a little weight watching myself!

    Hope Bri is doing okay after her surgery xoxo


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