Monday, January 12, 2015

Adelaide and home again...

I love to bake for my girls but while I was in Adelaide while Brianna had her wisdom teeth out and recovered, I was sort of made baking redundant! Brianna couldn't eat anything except soft, cold food and Kirby is on a health kick, eating from a selected plan which has been designed by her friend.

After her surgery on Thursday, Bri ate chocolate custard, jelly, yoghurt for the first 24 hours then graduated to crumpets, toasted then microwaved to soften them. Poor love, its been a hard few days for her. Hopefully today (day 4) the pain will have eased just that bit more.


I did make these Date and Almond balls for Kirby which she loved. A healthy snack option which she can work into the plan.

Surfing Facebook, I found a few inspirational quotes...

I like this one for its quote and the colours...


I couldn't bake but I could buy baking goods while I was there! I've never had a sifter so I picked up this little one. The hundreds and thousands are pearlised and I love the colour of the purple, green, silver pearls. Cup cakes are always better when they are in gingham!

Saturday, Kirby and I zipped out to Ikea. The girls are moving house in a few weeks so Kirb wanted to check out a new bed head and side tables and lowboy drawer unit. She got a bargain with a padded bedhead - was $449 down to $189 in the colour she wanted! Score! And it fitted perfectly in my car!

Then it was time to pack up and get Bri and I back home. I have a full weeks work this week as my off-sider is on annual leave so its 9-5 all week instead of my more casual hours where I get there at 10.30am then knock off at 4pm if its quiet and I've done all my work.

Bri's poached egg on cheesy crumpet...


Sunday was spent doing some washing, watching TV with Bri and then I got into cleaning out and tidying my pantry....

Here it is - while I like the organisation of the shelves, there was a lot of stuff that had just been thrown back in willy nilly!

I went through my herbs, spices and flavour mixes and I only got rid of 4 jars of outdated herbs.

I need to buy a 'pest strip' as I found the webs/nest of a cupboard moth in an old packet of Tandaco seasoning. That should get rid of it!

Sothis is the tidied version - still full of stuff but as we are 'cooks' and use it daily, thats the way it is. We dont do takeaway very often at all.

I do intend to eat down the canned goods (tomatoes, beans) before buying more and will try and write a 'bought date' on future cans.

How long do canned goods last? I got rid of a couple of cans of soup, pineapple and beetroot. I dont know how long they've been at the back of the shelf!

Do you like prunes? These are like lollies to me, I have to be careful to limit myself to 6 when I open the pack - otherwise...uh oh!! They are imported but so squishy and delicious!


I had promised Brianna that I would make Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese...

I will be back with how it turned out - it's so naughty, I don't think I coyld make it again!

Cheers - Joolz xx





  1. Hope Bri heals well and quickly! And hope you survive your longer working hours till your coworker returns. :)

  2. Hi Joolz, tinned foods last for a few years as long as the tins are in good condition.


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