Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Keeping accountable...

One week since I bought those scales and I now weigh 76.4 kgs (loss 1.20 kgs 01/10/14).
 I' m happy with that seeing I haven't starved myself.  Its all the little extras that go in your mouth that do the damage.

I made these yummy banana choc muffins yesterday ...
And these double choc ones - but I did not have one!  Honestly!!  They are all gone - I took them to work for our staff.
We had a curry last night and I had a normal plate full which filled me up.  I just have to be mindful of snacking in between meals and especially when I get home from work, thats the worst time!
I've bought rice crisp biscuits to nibble on and I dont mind carrot and celery.  I bought Chobani yoghurt too.
Tonight we will have Apricot chicken as I can have that cooking in the oven while I go to my Weight Watchers meeting. 
My girls are coming home this long weekend so I am very happy about that!
Weather here is all over the shop - it went down to 11C yesterday arvo, today its still crisp but bright sunshine and its meant to be 27C on Saturday! 
Better do some work, 
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Well done, but how can you resist eating those yummy things you make. :)
    Anne xx

  2. Well done Joolz! Persistence is the key!

    Hope you have a great time with your girls this weekend. We aren't doing anything special, might go for a drive to Quorn and visit my girls :)




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