Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diet, not going so well!

We are home after a four day weekend in Adelaide. I won't say I ate unhealthy food, just not plain, whole food and not enough fruit and vegetables...

Dinner Friday night - delicious Chinese cuisine at Concubine...

Saturday lunch at Robin Hood Hotel - This was an amazing chicken & prawn salad, beautiful flavours of curry, coconut milk, lime and coriander and the poached chicken was divine! I cleaned the plate - so good!

Saturday night we dined at Hazara (Singapore/Indian cuisine) and it did not disappoint. Hazara chicken, prawns...

Sunday lunch ... (Gus had grilled barramundi with Goolwa cockles)

....we were out to lunch with a group of friends and people to remember our mate, Gary who passed away 3 years ago... Lamb & pear sausages, minted pea gravy and mash. I will say I hate half of this (so good) but the serving was way too big.

Sunday night, Gus and I had a small pizza delivered to our room. We didn't need much after that lunch!

Monday I hung out with Brianna and we had Takeaway Thai for lunch - I had green chicken curry and she had tamarind duck...

She headed off to work so I was left to chill at their unit until Gus picked me up later in the day. I got bored so I made the girls some scones...

I always find it weird using someone elses oven but they worked out fine.

Phew! Dinner Monday night was with Gus and Kirby. We went to La Trattoria. Gus and I had the grilled whiting - absolutely delicious but such a huge serving! Under the fish was a sort of ratatouille with potatoes in it. Kirby had a mushroom risotto.

As you can see, it was food, food, food!

It's weigh-in Wednesday at Weight Watchers but I am not holding my breath for a good result. I'll report back with my weight later.


WW weight 22/10 77.30kgs


Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. It's very difficult to eat carefully when you are away from home.
    Anne xx

  2. Oh my goodness! All of that food looks awesome. Totally acceptable to treat yourself when you are away from home. N x

  3. All looks so delicious...I love the biscuits you made earlier for breast cancer, they look so gorgeous and very professional. I'm sure they would have sold quickly at the salon.


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