Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog Hop Around The World...

Today I am participating in a Blog Hop Around The World. It is all about 'Creativity'. I do apologise for being 24 hours late...

I was invited by Chel from Going Grey and Slightly Green ...
Chel is a very creative lady and she recently tried her hand at making ollas - have you ever heard of them? I hadn't until recently. Here's the link to her post about them and she has lots more creative things to share.
Now, what is this Blog Hop all about? I have to answer five questions then provide a relevant quote. Yikes, here goes...
1. Why do I create what I do?
I guess I have created many things over the years. A happy marriage; 2 beautiful daughters; a wonderful, warm, loving home; organisation in our lives (I don't like clutter); some lovely cross stitch work and far too many yummy meals (we are foodies so therefore live to eat).
Tiny treasures collected from our travels ...
A china cabinet full of memories - I can tell you where every single thing came from!
I have created memories of our family holidays and trips overseas, collecting small souvenirs which remind me of good times. I gave scrap booking a go but I didn't attend classes, just did it my way. I guess I create all of these to bring happiness to me and my loved ones.
2. How does my creative process work?
Most of these are just created by living my life. Making good food makes others happy and me too. It has been a while since I finished a cross stitch pattern but every now and then I take up the needle and thread.
(Scrapbooked pages from our trip to India album)
3. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
There are so many creative people out there, this one is a bit hard to answer. My work is my own. I'm not an artist or master crafstman but I do like perfection.
4. What am I presently working on?

I am about to work a pattern out to cover these coat hangers - I will just re-jig a dish cloth pattern and go from there.

Still need to get back and finish my beautiful strip quilt that I started earlier this year. Must!

I created these gift baskets for my sisters, filled with home made goodies!

I am happiest when I have time to bake and create beautiful biscuits and cakes...for family and friends.

I love creating new dishes for my husband, making them look and taste like restaurant quality...



Creating differnt types of bread...

Creating Christmas gifts using my baking skills...

Creating fun memories when we go camping in our Defender, Ruby...

Creating more gifts for my sisters...terracotta herb gardens for a garden themed Christmas.

So now it comes down to the last question...

Who inspires me to create?

I am inspired by Kath at Four Miles North of Nowhere - she makes beautiful hand made cards for friends and family. Here is a link to her blog, choc full of lovely things.


And Anne at Ungardened Moments. This is one crafty lady who had created a studio to house her inspirations. A knitter, quilter, painter and crafter, her blog has lots to explore.



And to finish off, a quote ...

I hope you've enjoyed this post. On the 25th, the two bloggers I linked to should have their Creative posts up so please visit their lovely blogs.
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. I have an unfinished attempt at a knit hanger, so will be interested in your results. I wanted to start with a plain wooden hanger and wrap it in batting, then knit the cover. The padded hangers I've found are so expensive, and it's all I want to use, as they don't leave the creases in the shoulders. Here's one pattern, but it's not padded: http://todaystreasureshoptalk.blogspot.com/2011/03/free-pattern-crochet-cover-for-wooden.html

    I seem to be able to find lots of patterns for crocheted ones, but not so many knitted ones.

  2. Wow absolutely beautiful . I agree you cook the most wonderful meals for your family and I love your home. Now your sister is a very lucky lady you make lots of lovely things for her. Gorgeous post xx

  3. Great post Joolz. I always enjoy reading your blog. You are a very creative person.
    regards Julie D

  4. lOVE SEEING ALL YOUR MAKING CREATING AND COLLECTING jULES...What is our Christmas theme this year,I love seeing what you and your sisters bang together...Thanks al for dropping by my little girls the looming lizard blog...she was so excited I thoughtshe may burst!!!!

  5. Joolz, your meals just look fabulous. You are certainly in your element in the kitchen. I also am interested in seeing what you do with those hangers as well as the quilt strips.

  6. WOW, I've learned so much about you Joolz and enjoyed reading about your creative process. When we think of creating we don't often consider how we do create families, wonderful home environments for our family and for you especially, making food. Your cooking posts are always inspiring and our family loves your recipe for chicken skewers with satay sauce. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx


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