Thursday, August 21, 2014

Testing out BlogGo app ...

I usually use Blogsy to post my blogs from my iPad but unless I am near wi-fi, photos from my phone don't transfer to my iPad via iCloud ... with me so far?

I found this app so have put it on my iPhone.  Here goes, lets see if its user friendly!

Okay, well inserting pictures is easy, straight from my library or photo stream or I can take a picture right now and insert it!  This is breakfast yesterday morning.

This is a single bed quilt my mother made. I have decided to take off the frill and bind the edges to make a throw for my couch.  I bought cream coloured cushions the other day and thought now I need a was in the linen press all along.  Its going to be a bit of a job but I think I can do it.  Stay tuned.

In other rivetting news ... I see that dear old Martha Gardener's face and surname have been taken off her Eucalyptus Wool Mix and she's been replaced with a young Martha.  I have always used Wool Mix for my woollen clothing.
Okay, well I'll try and publish this now - wish me luck!

Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Poor Martha! :-) Joolz, I was going to ask you about how you find Blogsy as I might need to use it for my blog when I am on holidays and away from my PC. With BlogGo, do you have to resize the photos and does it tell you how large they are?

  2. Thanks for the tip! Sometimes that iCloud delay can be annoying. I love using blogsy though - so easy :-)


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